well hello!

So you've found yourself here on my website! maybe you were looking for it, or perhaps you being here is a total fluke...either way you're here now so why not see how i can help you.

Are you planning your wedding but finding it all a little  bit overwhelming?

Have you become a little too obsessed with Pinterest and trying to find all those perfect pins? 

Are you struggling with who to choose when it comes to the best in the business or going with cousin Jim's new girlfriend's dad who has offered to take a few pics on his old retro Kodak Instamatic 255x?

Do you fancy yourself to be a bit of a DIY Bride or Groom but have neither the time or patience to fold a 1000 origami swans?






I'm a visual dreamer and I too get lost for hours on end in that gorgeous pretty platform of PINTEREST. However, lucky for you I'm also a doer, crafter, maker, creator and love to get my hands stuck into a good DIY wedding! Whether it's folding those swans I mentioned previously, or screwing together a few old pallets to make a ceremony back drop, I'm your girl, lady, woman whatever! (I may rope the husband into the odd pallet project on occasion too).

i provide everything from styling suggestions to full day styling and coordination

I am also a multi award winning wedding stationery designer! I know right, that sounds a little bit pompous BUT I am... which must mean I'm pretty good at making invitations! So if you are after something a little different then I am totally the right person for the job. I'm not a graphic designer (I can get around a few computer programmes and print pretty stuff) however my passion is in the things that get added afterwards, the drawing, painting, glitter and gluing the gorgeous little embellishments and the bakers twine...I love that stuff!

You can check out some of my previous designs right here

So suppliers...like I said I'm all for a DIY wedding and pulling in family favours but there are just some things I highly recommend you hire a professional for! I've been in this business a few years now (about 9, it's not forever but I've seen a LOT of things go tits up because that cousin, aunty or best friend offered to do it for free and the couple wanted to save a few quid or just didn't want to offend anyone) luckily I have a little glittery book full to the brim of super duper awesome wedding creatives who I totally trust to help you on your wedding day to capture and create some amazing memories.  

to book in for a match maker consultation where i will totally hook you up with the perfect suppliers click here.

And to top all that off I have a wonderfully quirky wedding shop which is full of everything you could think of for your special day! 

All under one roof, you'll find the FIRST ever Rock the Frock Wedding Dress Concession in the UK, as well as locally (and some further afield) sourced handmade wedding accessories and gifts. The shop space is also used to run regular workshops and provides a creative space for other wedding professionals to work from.

There really is nothing quite like The Wedding Hub... just come see for yourself! 



SO this is ME...

Ugh does any one ever really like writing this part?

Ok here we go... I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by like minded people who see the world in endless shades of colours, shapes and possibilities. My ideal clients are these type of people. People who embrace being different, individual and love beyond all reason. They've felt loss, heartache and sadness but thankfully still totally and utterly believe in love!

Sometimes I swear, actually I swear quite a lot but don't hold that against me! I like to think I'm real, honest and wear my heart on my sleeve which I admit isn't always the best thing. 

I believe I am past just saying yes to any job that comes my way, so if you want to haggle with me over the cost of my services or products, like you would the fruit and veg guy at the market then I'm not the one for you. It has taken me a long time to understand that I don't have to be everyones cup of tea and I'm totally OK with that....don't worry we'll know if we're the right kind of crazy for each other!

So this is me...Danielle/Danni. I'm a mummy/auntie, wife, creative, dreamer and a believer of magic (that may sound a bit woo woo to you but it doesn't have to be a deal breaker).

I look forward to meeting you and helping you create something special! Dx