Wow, the summer holidays always throw me out of sync and messes with my creative dreams to dominate the wedding world… (it’s a dream so why not go large?) Ok so I don’t actually plan to dominate the wedding world as a whole because in all honesty I’m just not Lux enough, I’m fine with that because that very large part of the industry is covered and it’s totally holding its own. I do however want to take my place amongst the weird and the wonderful, the way-outers, the rock n’ rollers, the quirkily unique, the coolest of cool and the crazy in love!

Whilst doing a little bit of homework on the Why’s, Who’s and Wants behind my business I had a real “Aha!” lightbulb, kick up the arse style moment. I’ve really been struggling with feeling out of place, not knowing if I fit anywhere in particular within the industry. If I was a spiritual person I’d bet my aura has been a muggy colour and my chakras all unbalanced but I’m not (well not really) so lets just say I’ve had my head up my arse, plodding along hoping things will just get better and fix themselves. What a dick, stuff doesn’t fix itself, we have to! So I stripped things back, started at the beginning. I made lists of things, people and places that make me happy. I pinned images to my vision boards of what and who inspires me. I rediscovered a few things I’d forgotten and realised some things that I’d overlooked…

When we’re small our parents tell us we can do anything, that we should dream big, reach for the stars and never give up. Then when we go to school so much of our hopes, desires, strength, imagination and courage is knocked out of us. You're told that you couldn’t possibly be The Hulk (that’s what my little boy wanted to be when he was asked in playschool) because he’s make believe, you are too big or too small to be dancers or gymnasts, you can't recite all 154 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets so those dreams of being a writer are out the window, you don’t know the square root of 784 or what Pi is so the chances of you getting a job without that mathematical knowhow is next to none, you can’t sit still for longer than five minutes or give eye contact to strangers….well then you’re literally destined for a life of drugs and the doll!! If even a tiny glimpse of those dreams remain once you get through childhood well bloody done, hold on tight to them because the scary world you’re about to enter is know as adulthood and that can be a dark place, believe me! Fit in or fall out, put up or shut up, find a job, any job because you’ve got bills to pay. Depressing right? I call BULLSHIT on all of that…. I’m a rebel at heart, I’ve always questioned things I don’t agree with so why have I not questioned myself? I’ve made some stupid mistakes over the last few years, financially crippled myself, procrastinated and made excuses about almost everything I needed to do in order to build my business up. It’s like I’ve been so petrified of failing on a grand scale that it’s made me too scared to completely commit to being successful. Which in turn has made me miserable and broke… yeah wise move Danni!

The good thing about hitting rock bottom is you know how it feels to be there, it really sucks. So when things are crappy you have to learn how to overcome them, you either acknowledge it and move forward or cut your losses. This is a good point for that childhood determination and the ability to believe in ourselves to kick in…. luckily for me it did! I’m an 80’s kid and that’s where I found inspiration before and again this last week!

We always hear they’re copying me, that was my idea, I did that first! In the past I’ve said some of these, been hurt by others ripping off my designs or bringing out the same product or service at which point everyone loves to quote a bit of Oscar Wilde’s “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” Yes it sucks but shit happens and in this day and age it’s really hard or dare I say impossible to come up with something new and unique. This has been one of the biggest reasons I’ve found it so difficult to start my rebrand for the last 18 months, I haven’t wanted anyone to say those things about me.

So I thought maybe I’d come at it from a different angle and publicly shout out loud about those who I’m inspired by, those who I look up to and admire. The people who I am drawn to because of their styles, vision, ethos and personalities and say THANK YOU, thank you for being brave and courageous, for dreaming in big and bright bold funky rainbow colours and for being unapologetically you!

On that note… I am looking to work with someone who can get inside my head (which really you could do from reading a few blog posts) and pull out the perfect rebrand for me. I’m thinking more illustration than graphic, bold over pastels and most of all more typically me…. (great, now I’m quoting Britney!). If you think we could work together or you know someone that fits the bill then please do get in touch. 

Yay to finally getting this all off my chest, I'm so excited! Lots of love Dx



With love and thanks to just some of those that I find inspiring....

Way Out Wedding // Rock N Roll Bride // Costa Sisters Productions // Mr & Mrs Unique // The Un-Wedding // Not Another Salon // Rock the Frock Bridal // All About Ewe // Gay Wedding Blog // Offbeat Bride // Boho Weddings // The Natural Wedding Company



After nearly a month of trying to fight off a cold due to my work load I finally gave in and went to the doctors last week. Turns out said cold is in fact a right nasty case of acute Bronchitis and believe me when I say there is absolutely nothing cute about this hideous infection! Apparently under Doctors orders I'm supposed to rest.... that is obviously easier said than done!

Those of you that are self employed and work alone will know just how impossible a task that can be. I have children to look after and a shop to run, both of which at present I feel I'm neglecting and that sucks. 

I'm exhausted, grumpy and seriously emotional which is never a great combination for me (or anyone else I imagine). These feelings always make me over think everything. I start to question why I do what I do and that nagging doubting Thomas rears his bloody annoying head! It's no secret that I have a few demons that enjoy to rattle my cage on a frequent basis... grief and anxiety can make simple daily tasks almost unbearable. What matters is that we find ways to cope and that we show up every day even if it's only for part of it! We need to listen to our bodies and look after ourselves otherwise those demons I mentioned can take over and that's no good for anybody! 

I haven't managed to take time off completely but I have tried to take things slowly. The shop is only open by appointment for the next week over the Easter holiday so I'm working form home as much as possible between coughing fits and naps!

This morning I woke up with an overwhelming need to get the juicer out and make something to lift my spirits (don't worry it didn't actually include any spirits, I've not got to that stage up to now) Nope it was a green concoction of fruit and veg. Pineapple, Ginger, Spinach and Celery all of which have amazing natural healing qualities for inflammation, antibacterial and a whole heap of needed vitamins. I highly recommend getting a juicer!

Wedding season is fast approaching so making time now to get myself healthy is essential otherwise I'll burn out before it starts. Listen to your body, if you feel like you're coming down with something don't ignore it! Stock up on vitamins, fill the fridge with good stuff, get outside in the fresh air and find time to breathe.... until next time Dx




Sometimes I shrug them off because they’re just too way out there and other times I run with them…The Get Your Freak On Wedding Showcase concept was one I am so glad I decided to embrace!

After hearing lots about all the work that Toby & Jo from Street Factory have done and continue to do for our children, young people and their families in and around the city I was totally inspired by them and knew that I wanted to help in some way. 

I made contact and then arranged to visit Toby at the Street Factory. I instantly fell in love with the space! No the makeover hasn’t begun yet, yes it is totally industrial and in a raw state but that’s what I loved! My head was buzzing listening to the plans for the Hip Hop Kingdom project and everywhere I looked I could imagine something cool. Head filled with ideas and a plan I headed home to start the preparation for the event. The following week I was back there accompanied with my small but wonderful team creating the styled shoot to start promoting the event. 

I was thrilled when both Toby and Jo said yes to me using their venue for the showcase and even more pleased when I had wonderful exhibitors embrace the concept and agree to come on board with it even though it was the first one. That’s dedication to the cause, that’s a real show of trust to say yes to someones “idea” without any promise that it’ll actually work….

I believe with all my heart that everyone deserves to be loved, to get married if it’s their choice to do so and have the wedding that they truly want! 

"Get Your Freak On” in my head was a bit of a two fingers up to the “norm” that can be the wedding industry. A sod you to those who think you have to do things a certain way. Who says that models have to be professional and look like they just stepped out the pages of a bridal magazine? Who declared that all wedding fairs should be in a posh hotel? Who ruled that there had to be rules? 

There are no rules!! Not one wedding should be the same because not one person is (not even your doppelgänger would want the same things as you). 

So in the words of Missy Elliot “Gimme some new shit”. I’ve decided to begin a revolution joined by some rebels with a cause! We aim to shake things up and show the sleepy, safe and samey Southwest that we really can provide whatever is needed to make your day perfect for you! Now this isn't a new concept, I've always liked to do things differently... ask my mum! I also do not proclaim to be the first to try giving things a little wobble. There's some awesome examples amongst the industry of creative geniuses, blogging, providing products and putting on events up the line and beyond (Way Out Wedding, Rock The Frock, Most Curious, EWE, Rock n Roll Bride to name a few). But, they're not here, we are! Therefore it's our job to move things forward here! 

Our first event may not have been huge but we needed to start somewhere! I can honestly say I am so super proud of everyone who exhibited, helped, supported and attended…. you are all wonderful! Thank you for joining me on a whim, I promise it was the right decision! 

If you didn’t manage to come along to our first event, don’t worry because I’m already planning the next one and it will be bigger and better! 

With Special Thanks to...

Venue - Street Factory  Prop Hire - The Prop Factory & Rustic Love  Exhibitors -  Verity Westcott Photography - MargoR Photography - Urban Disco - Pole Fitness Plymouth - Ashleigh Jay Embroidery - Mimosa Mobile Bar - The Beautiful South Photobooth Company - Made For You Gifts - Magenta Rose Designs - No 4 Hair Boutique - Chloe Jane Makeup Artist - Ezzicakes - Inky & Grace - ID Fashion On The Day Event Photography Miss Imagination Photography & Martha Fitzpatrick Photography MUA's for the Catwalk Models Katy Short Makeup Magic Gemma Ryder MUA & Chloe Jane Makeup Artist and Hair Stylists for Catwalk No 4 Hair Boutique Last but not least, thank you to all the wonderful ladies who modelled on the day for are amazing! 




I bang on all the time about loving people, spaces, things and ideas that are different and I do that because I actually like being different now....
I wasn’t one of the cool kids at school, hard to believe right (only kidding). Actually, I tried for the most part of school life to be invisible, to fit in and not draw too much attention to myself. I was nervous, shy and afraid to stand out…. not confident at all! 

That’s not to say that I’m the total opposite now, I still struggle with my confidence daily.

However life has taught me so much these last few years, mostly that it’s to short to play silly buggers pretending to be someone you’re not just to fit in! 

Fuck it! What’s being cool mean anyway? 

I champion the odd bods, the weird and the wonderful, the unconventional and the quirky…. we all deserve to be loved!

Which got me thinking, where are all the real cool people? The ones who think differently, the ones who don’t want to do things in a “traditional” or “normal” way. Where do they go when they want to plan their wedding? 

Do the high street bridal shops and generic wedding fayres leave you feeling flat and uninterested? 
Do social media platforms excite you visually but then overwhelm you because you don’t know where to find the right suppliers that can help you accomplish the dream pinterest board or have received way over 600 recommendations on the Gossip Girls Facebook page but have no idea who to go with?

There’s this weird pre conceived misconception that the UK ends at Bristol and nothing cool or quirky happens this side of the Devon border…. utter bull! The southwest is full to the brim of creatives who will not only help you create your perfect wedding they will go above and beyond because this is more than just a job to them, it’s their passion! 

I like to prove people wrong, it’s a trait that hasn’t always worked out so well for me but with that in mind I wanted to bring some of these uber talented and lovable souls together to show you that it really is cool to be different and because I love to support a good cause it makes perfect sense to me that it should be a fundraiser!

Get Your Freak On a Wedding Showcase & Catwalk Fundraiser Event, for the couples who like to be different!! You can find all the details about who'll be exhibiting at the event here .

All profits will be donated to Street Factory CIC to put towards their inspirational project to create the first ever HipHop theatre. Go check out what they’re about here... Street Factory .

If you are getting married and want some inspiration then go grab a ticket here
If you know someone who's getting married please tell them so they don't miss out.
If you would like to get involved by either exhibiting, modelling on the catwalk or perhaps know somewhere that would put up a poster for us then please send me an email here .



Be You, Be Different!

Well what can I say, I'm a total sucker for a good cause! 

I've admired the work of Street Factory for several years and have been in total awe of their dedication and support for our local children and community. I believe that their ethos and values are something many more should aspire to follow. 

Street Factory have big big plans and a wonderful vision to build something exceptional right here in Plymouth. They currently have a crowdfunder campaign running to raise £45,000 and need our help to obtain it. 

Obviously this got me thinking about ways in which I may be able to help.... 

I've wanted to organise another wedding event for a little while now so why not kill two birds with one stone and do it to raise some money for a worthy cause!

As you may know, I like to do things a little differently and I know that there are lots of you out there who are looking for something different for your let me help you! Let me match you up with your perfect suppliers who'll blow your mind and in turn we can help make a difference too by supporting people that dedicate all their time and effort to making a difference.

Get Your Freak On  

Wedding Showcase & Catwalk Fundraiser Event

You do not want to miss this! It's going to be awesome.... 

2pm - 6pm on Sunday 25th March 2018 at Street Factory

What should you expect?

Friendly advice and inspiration from a selection of Devon & Cornwall's creative wedding suppliers. A catwalk featuring wedding dresses from Rock The Frock, Suits from The Vintage Suit Hire Company and a gorgeous selection of dresses and accessories from up and coming fashion label ID Fashion.

There'll be a raffle, demonstrations and entertainment. 

The first 50 couples to buy a ticket will receive a bag full of goodies.

Free drink on arrival.

To purchase your ticket to the event click here

*All funds raised from this event will be donated to the Street Factory

Wed Magazine
Mimosa Mobile Bar





Well not much these days, not much at all!

However buying a ticket for the upcoming Get Your Freak On Wedding Showcase & Catwalk Fundraiser on Sunday 25th March 2pm - 6pm will not only get you some awesome things it means you’ll be giving back too, that’s gotta feel good, right? 

Each couple will receive a copy of Wed Magazine and a welcome drink from Mimosa Mobile Bar.... that alone is worth more than £5, you’ll also be entered in to a free prize draw to win an engagement shoot!!

The first 50 couples to purchase a ticket will receive the above AND a gift bag full of promotional offers and discounts. There’s going to be some super cool and creative wedding suppliers to chat to, entertainment, demos and a raffle full of fantastic prizes!

UPDATE - The crowdfunder to raise the amount of 45K was reached literally hours before the deadline!  All profits raised from this event will be donated to Street Factory to put towards their overall 2 Million target for their project to open the first ever HipHop Theatre.



Now I'm no neuroscientist but I do know that it is a proven scientific fact that giving or even just thinking about giving or doing something for someone else lifts your mood and makes you feel good! 

Hi, my name is Danni and I'm a giver! 

So being a giver doesn't necessarily mean you need to go out and buy extravagant or uber expensive gifts for people... I definitely don't because in general I'm skint! Giving can be anything from your time and attention, love, encouragement and support... and nice little gifts if you can afford it (just incase my husband reads this!). 

I want to help people! I want to be amongst those that are making a difference, those that want to make the world a better place...don't you?

On that note let me introduce you to husband and wife team Toby G and Jo. Now these two have done some truly amazing things and quite rightly so are starting to gain acknowledgement and recognition for their huge efforts over the last decade. They are both so inspiring and have given so much to disadvantaged children and young adults throughout the city.  If you live in Plymouth you will or at least should have heard of The Street Factory Studio and the massive plans to build the world’s largest Hip Hop theatre and Hip Hop education programme. 

There really is way too much for me to write here in a blog post so why not head over to their Crowdfunder page or visit their website and watch some of their videos because honestly they're seriously inspirational! 

As you know I'm a mummy and I'm extremely passionate about teaching my children about manners and principles, respect and gratitude and I believe that we should all try our hardest to always be kind and help others especially those around us... love thy neighbour and all that. So I want to help the wonderful people at the Street Factory because they are our neighbours and they're trying to help our children and our community. They're making a positive impact and they need our help...

I'm not a dancer... although I fancied myself as a bit of a shaker and a mover back in school when I was part of the dance squad jigging away to BeWitched, ooh and if I'm being honest also when I first discovered alcohol and Union Street I loved to hit the dance floor when a bit of RnB was blasting out from the DJ booth! What I'm trying to say is don't worry I'm not about to announce that I'm going to attempt to do a dance off to raise money.... instead I'm going to organise a Bridal Fashion Show and all the profits from ticket sales and the raffle will go to The Street Factory Studio Fund! 

So the date for the "Get Your Freak On" Bridal Fashion Show will be in March! Date and venue location will be announced asap. I only came up with the idea a couple of hours ago so I'm still waiting for people to reply to me, I guess it is Saturday evening and people have social lives so I'll look to fill you all in Monday/Tuesday of next week with more details! 

If you would like to be involved in some way then send me an email. I'll be ever so grateful for anyone who would love to sponsor the event, donate raffle prizes, model our awesome dresses and suits, wedding suppliers to help before and after and of course wonderful couples to buy tickets to come along and have some fun!

 “Give. Even when you know you can get nothing back.” Yasmin Mogahed


Love and respect D x



Wow, it's taken me a bloody long time to get this blog post written....sorry!

It was never going be an easy one to write about was it?!

So, instead of lots of words and emotional ramblings I'll let the amazing photos and video do the majority of the talking for me this time. 

Looking back at these photos as they each upload on my screen has me in tears. They are a bitter sweet reminder of a wedding day that I loved planning and one that I never will... 

The entire experience was just amazing. From the initial idea to the actual day there was so much thought and love put in to it. So many amazing people gave so much time and effort, honestly the generosity from those involved was heartwarming. 

The preparation that went in to the last 48 hours behind the scenes for this wedding was something else. It was physically and mentally nuts!! I'm my own worst enemy sometimes, often thinking of little things I'd like to add right at the last minute.. Pretty chair decor for example! Thanks to my wonderful mum who has a little ribbon obsession and is always on hand when I say, "Erm, do you think WE could do this" when ever I come up with an idea. I can just see her rolling her eyes now because it's never ever as simple as just saying yes. We were up cutting and tying ribbons until late in to the night and that was after I'd had her helping me fill a hundred vases with wild flowers.. thank goodness for my mum! 

The two days before the wedding we'd had the worst weather ever! It rained non stop, which obviously wasn't great considering we'd planned to have the majority of the day outside in a garden! Thankfully on the actual day it only rained a couple of times for short periods... good job we stocked up on the brollies and Dan had added sides to The Lowarth the day before, just in the nick of time!

The sun did shine throughout and at one point there was even a double rainbow..

I do believe that was a gift from Emma!


I have so much love and gratitude for everyone involved because without you the wedding auction and the wedding itself would never have been possible....I am so proud of what we all achieved.

Love and blessings to Leanne and Barry.... we all hope you have a magical future together!

Love D x



With thanks and Love to....

The Venue - The Lowarth at The Greenhouse Spa Retreat 
Celebrants - Cornish Celebrants
Wedding Dress - Te Amo Bride
Veil - Ailsa Munro
Headpiece - Audrey & Rose
Garter - Magenta Rose Designs
Grooms Men Suits - The Grooms Room
Wedding Rings - Nicola Hurst Designer Jewellery
Hair - Kimberley Burns Hair Stylist and Mua
Makeup - Katy Short - Makeup Magic
Photographers - Mrs Jutson Photography - Creative Photographer and Stuart Brampton Photography
Videographer - Aroha Films
Flowers - Hannah Burnett Florist and Sharon Mesher Wedding Flowers
Cake - The Centrepiece Cake Company
Mini Bride and Groom Cake Topper - Lotty Lollipop
Dessert Table - Cut Me Off A Slice. (Cupcakes and Cakes).
Wedding Favours -  Edible Essence - Couture Cake Co.
Food - Te CakeTrehill Farm ProduceGoonvrea Farm Hog Roast and Pilgrim Pasties Ltd
Vintage Crockery and Cutlery - @Time for Tea and Escential Blooms
Wine - The Turtley Corn Mill
Ice Cream - Cowslick Ice Cream Trike
Arrival Drinks & Bar - Plymouth Gin and Tigermilk Events
Stationery, Styling & Prop Hire - Faithful Designs at The Wedding Hub
Chair Hire - Stargazey Wedding Decor Hire
Magician - Kristien Harris
Photo Animation Booth - Zing Ping Ltd
Photo Booth - Holly The Carabooth
Outdoor Garden Games - Love & stuff
Singer - Tracy Cheetham Sings
Band - Three's Company Devon
Transport - Target Travel Ltd and Perrings classic wedding cars



Ok, I know....I'm totally sucking at this keeping you up to date and informed with what's been happening in the world of The Wedding Hub recently BUT in my defence it's summer season and that means it's juggling time here! 

Well as you will know by now if you follow me over on my social media platforms (if you don't you really should as I'm way more present over there) that back in July we had the extra special wedding of Leanne and Barry who were the winning bidders of our Auction Wedding last year. So as you can imagine that took up a great deal of my time and sanity! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to bombard you with their wedding images just yet because our two awesome photographers (Mrs Jutson Photography and Stuart Brampton Photography) have submitted them to some super special places in the hope that we get to share with he world what an awesome day it was AND what incredible people we have in the Wedding Creatives who all donated their services, products and time to make the day go off with a bang! 

For now though I would love to introduce you to the new Mr & Mrs Wright! 


I would like to say on behalf of my big sister Emma, her two children Emily & Thomas and our family that we will forever be thankful for the love, donations, generosity and kindness you all showed to us in our time of are all truly wonderful!! 

So many more pictures, out pours of love and thanks to come very soon!! 





Hello, it's been a while! 

Let's catch up...

The shop has now been open for four months and although there's been a few hiccups (totally inevitable with any new venture) I feel right at home and LOVE this place. Everyone who has come by to say hello have all been super encouraging and show genuine belief in what I am doing, they agree that there's most definitely a NEED for something different within the wedding industry. 

If you've popped in or looked through the window you'll have seen that I've had a bit of a change around, or two! I love that I can do that, so that if more stockists come on board or some move on then the space is so easily changeable to accommodate new items and display's beautifully fluid!

Ooh on that note I'll drop it in here that I do currently have some display space available to rent and I would love to hear from any crafters/designers/makers who may have something that could work well in the shop. Do you have something that needs to be seen but not the platform for it to be seen from? This could be the answer! 

Do you want to explore the possibilities of making your hobby something much more but need a space to work from, to create from? I have work desk space here that is crying out for more people to come and use. The shop is such a peaceful and inspiring place to work and I really want it to become the thriving hub I know it can be.

If showcasing your work in a shop scares you that's a GOOD thing! If moving your workspace from your kitchen table to an actual "work" space scares you then that's a good thing too! Moving forward is scary...really scary but as the quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf goes “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

I'm a big believer in taking risks, with following my gut instinct...yes it's got me in a few scrapes BUT it's also got me HERE. It's made me move, keep moving and reaching for a dream I know I can achieve. Just two years ago I opened my first little shop, six months after that a bigger opportunity came along and then a year after that an even bigger one appeared (I'm staying put now though, this shop feels right). Was I scared? Hell YES, I'm still scared and I still worry that I may have read my gut wrong but that's because I'm human and I let doubt get in every now and again. Doubt is a killer and if we let it it'll stop us from accomplishing the things we desire! However if we work together and encourage each other, believe in one another's dreams then they'll be so much easier to accomplish and way more enjoyable to reach! 

If you're scared and confused about taking the next step with your idea, hobby or business then I want to help you!

I'm not a business coach, I haven't spent years learning how to become a mentor and I can't offer you a quick fix to earning a six figure income BUT I can help you start. I can help you learn about what your branding says about you, how you can use social media to get your business known, tips and hints about where to save money and where to spend money. I can do this because I've done them, because I'm still doing them and still learning everyday. I have learnt some invaluable things from wonderful people and I want to pass that on. I know brilliant web designers, business coaches, stylists and product photographers, all of which I will be happy to recommend and all of who will be happy to help you too. My creative entrepreneur friends are some of the nicest, weirdest people I've ever known and the one thing they have in common is their generosity, their desire to teach and pass on what they know often amazes me. 

I'm currently working on a project that's been brewing for ages, weirdly it has coincided with something my mum is also working on in a similar way but different field. I've inherited my creative abilities, my need to be making and my deep passion for wanting to help people from my mum. We may not always see eye to eye (in fact it's quite rare) but we do want similar things....we want to help others like us achieve their goals.

If any of this is calling out to you and you believe we can help you then get in touch. Tell us what you are looking for or struggling with. We've got workshops coming up on website building, social media & SEO, branding and visuals, how to take stock photography, setting up an Etsy shop, a monthly creatives get together and loads more! 

Catch you later Dx




We all know how good a new outfit can make us feel right? How wearing the right clothes can either lift your spirits, filling you with confidence or drown them and make you feel crap. 

So shouldn't your choice of wedding dress be given the same consideration? Shouldn't it be YOUR decision based on how it makes YOU feel?

Recently one of my lovely friends came by the shop for a mini photoshoot with Mrs Jutson  Photography and the dresses from one of the awesome designers Rock the Frock have on board. Sadly the Chantel Lauren Trunk Show couldn't stay for long and had to head back after just a couple of days but we did get to see them up close and can honestly say they were breathtaking! 

After seeing Jo in these beautiful dresses it really made me think and inspired me to write this little blog post.

I believe each dress has a story and can make you feel different, like you're stepping in the role of a character. A dress can stir up emotion, feelings..

Not only does a dress have to fit your body perfectly it should feel perfect. It should feel like you, your style, personality and your character! 

I asked Jo afterwards how each dress made her feel, because to us it was such a visible transformation with every dress she tried on. We had regal, sexy, feminine and woodland fairy...can you guess which dress made her feel these emotions?

How would you like your dress to make you feel? 

Although we no longer have these dresses here we do have 15 super lovely gowns for you to come and try on. Rock the Frock pride themselves on finding dresses for the alternative, boho, vintage inspired and retro lovers amongst if that's the FEEL you're going for give us a call and book an appointment.

Later D x


Yes I know you have probably heard this topic lots of times, especially as everyone and his uncle appear to be mentors or life coaches right now....however just stay with me! 

I'm not going to ramble on and on about the latest buzz words or try to tell you things that are basically just common sense, that's not the angle I'm coming from with this post....promise! 

What I want to get across is that we creatives really do need to start believing in ourselves and our products, we have to know our worth, especially if we are trying to make a living from it.

As a creative person who sells her work I always dread the questions "How much is it?" especially as what I do is bespoke it's harder to give an exact price when I'm asked.

I have forever struggled with the topic of money, it makes me feel uncomfortable which is unfortunate when I require it to pay my bills! Maybe it stems from my early childhood and remembering my family having very little, or from my crazy years as a drunken teen maxing my credit cards out on booze and clothes then working three jobs to try and keep up with the repayments! For what ever reason I have a very strange relationship with money, or maybe it's not money I have the problem with but in fact...myself! 

Many creatives I know have very little confidence, me included....consequently I have been known to suffer big black creative blocks and times of depression. 

Believing in ourselves isn't the easiest thing but it's very necessary if we want to achieve our dreams. Like lots of others I too have followed, subscribed, attended and purchased a heap of self help and business mentoring. Sometimes they help and sometimes they don't, it literally depends where I'm at.

I did read a fantastic book last year called Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. I loved the concept of ideas floating around in the universe until they find their owner and that sometimes if you take too long to acknowledge them they'll move on to someone else...ever get that? That moment when you see the idea you've had in your head but not quite been ready for and then it appears in front of you but with someone else declaring "Look at my new invention/product/service". Yep, it's happened to me on numerous occasions and every time I kick myself for being too scared to take a chance.

Another book I'm currently reading and love is She Means Business by Carrie Green. It's a really positive read and full of fantastic tasks to use and implement into your every day life in order to "become a wildly successful entrepreneur". I'm only half way through but already I can see places in which I've been going wrong and how I can make the changes in order to better myself.

Sorry I'm going a little off track...

So lack of confidence, why is that something we struggle with especially when everyone around us is telling us that our product/service is fantastic, that what we offer is so different and unique. Why do we continue to listen to that doubting Thomas in our own head? I don't have the answer so if you do please be so kind as to send it over in an email ;)

Why do we belittle our talents?

I used to say "I make cards" when asked what it is that I wonder I'd get the "ooh that's nice" obligatory response before they move on to ask someone else. When asked now the same question I reply "I design wedding stationery", when actually what I should say if I was confident enough would be "I'm a multi award winning wedding stationery designer, stylist, shop owner and all round creative wonder woman...(OK that last bit may be a little bit too much but you get the idea). 

I'm not the only one who does it. Prime example just this week I had a lovely message off a lady who would like to show me her items and talk about renting a display in my shop. Her message read "I make pebble pictures"...NO, no she does not! Yes her pictures have pebbles in them but what she does in fact make is art work! Go check out the wonderfully creative Tweet Tweet Designs by Abby  who I am really looking forward to meeting this week and seeing her work up close! 

I could give you a hundred more examples because sadly many of the people I know just don't understand how good they are but instead I'd like to be positive and encourage you all to take some steps in the right direction because there are things we can do and ways in which we can help ourselves.

We need to make a conscious effort to believe in our abilities and talents. 

STOP looking around at what everyone else is doing and STOP comparing because that can really knock your confidence!

If you don't already then you need to surround yourself with other creative people because you are much more likely to be productive when in the company of others who inspire ALWAYS helps me! 

Be one else can do it better!

Later Dx

*Quotes taken from google images

Pictures by Mrs Jutson Photography







As many of you know, last year I organised an auction to raise funds to help pay for my sisters cancer treatment.

I've made so many wonderful friends since being in this industry and boy did they come to my aid when I asked for help. Without their kindness and generosity the auction would never have gone ahead. I can say thank you a million times but it really will never feel like enough...Thank You to everyone who helped!

Like it does, time has moved on and we are now fully in the swing of things and pulling out all the stops to make this wedding something truly special....not only is this for the wonderful couple who bid and won the prize but also in memory of my sister who would have truly been so happy to see these two people get married.

Leanne and Barry will be getting married in just a few months and I thought as a little added extra it would be nice to document some of the special moments along the way! It's also a great opportunity for me to shout about the suppliers who donated towards this amazing package!

So first up...

THE DRESS which was donated from the lovely Tina at Te Amo Brides 

I'm so honoured to call Tina a friend as well as a fellow wedding supplier. Tina owns and runs a beautiful local bridal boutique in Plimpton. Louise (Mrs Jutson Photography) and I recently tagged along with Leanne and two of her bridesmaids for her dress appointment. Needless to say the service, kindness and professional attitude of Tina and her team was outstanding. 

Leanne tried on an array of dresses in different styles and I was both thrilled and relieved when she found THE ONE...I was honoured to witness that moment! She looked beautiful and yes I believe I did shed a tear! 

Next up...Time to get those all important invitations out there and let the guests know the plans!

WEDDING STATIONERY now I know a huge amount of super talented stationers but it would have just felt wrong had I not been the person making the invitations right? 

Leanne and Barry were actually really laid back about the whole design process and pretty much let me just get on with it. They wanted a natural look with a rustic feel to compliment the wedding venue. Flowers and hessian, inspired by the natural surroundings of the grounds in which they'll be saying their vows. 

I actually found it hard at first to bring the design together because I wanted so bad to get it right, I did not want to mess this up! I put way too much thought in to it, too much pressure on myself to come up with something I thought would be perfect and in the end I just freaked myself out and drew a blank! Sometimes when something means so much to me I find I need to step back from it, and generally that's when the ideas start coming back....thankfully! I played about a bit with different ideas, fonts and textures before settling on the final design and I loved it! Not just because Leanne and Barry did but because of the reason behind the whole thing. Every wedding is special....but because of this unbelievably generous couple who decided to do it this way and trust in me to deliver their perfect wedding in order to help Emma well the wedding is going to be extra special. 

So, invitations are sent and I have a huge list of wonderful suppliers to work through but with each one I tick off I know we're getting another step closer to making someones dreams come true and what I truly believe will be a magical day. 

Next few things are Barry's appointment with the lovely team at The Grooms Room who donated suits. Then Leanne has her trail appointments for hair and makeup with the talented Kim from The Hair Room and the super sweet Katy Short Makeup Magic. A pre wedding shoot with the dynamic duo that is Mrs Jutson Photography & Stuart Brampton Photography who have teamed up to offer their joint services. Hen Party fun with Zing Ping, decisions to be made about flower choices with the two of the nicest florists I know...Sharon Mesher Wedding Flowers and Hannah Burnett Florist ooh then a bit of cake tasting with Kate from Centrepiece Cake Co....yep it's all go here! 

Leanne and Barry....Thank You on behalf of Emma and our family for being who you are! 

Love Dx 


Pictures taken by Mrs Jutson Photography 




It's funny how when you think you're passed caring about the opinion of other's you come face to face with a big ugly green eyed monster! Yes I know contrary to what your mum used to tell you monsters do actually exist....the difference is now I'm not scared of them and neither should you be! 

Why? Because they can't really hurt you if you don't let them. Easier said than done eh? Not really! You just need to focus, focus on YOU and what you're doing because when you ignore them they have no power over you. Yes you may still hear them whispering behind you but you just have to block them out. Pop a bit of loud music on, sing a happy song to yourself or one of my personal favourites I've taken from my sister...imagine a pink fluffy cloud surrounding them (I like to think it's actually filled with shit and rains down on those monsters at a force of 100 miles per hour) but apparently that's wrong of me and the cloud is actually just filled with lovely thoughts and well wishes that we send their way to help them become nicer! 

There are so many wonderful people in the world, so many givers and lovers to surround yourself with. Be one of those people. Encourage others, support them, give them a hand up the ladder instead of kicking it as they're about to reach the top! Why not celebrate the success of someone? I LOVE to see my friends do well, I lOVE to see them achieve their goals because it makes me feel good...being jealous is so bloody negative and depressing and it makes you ugly! 

I get so fed up when I hear about the bitching and the back stabbing within this pretty little wedding aint so pretty some days! I have made some of the nicest friends since starting my business. They continue to build me up and encourage my dreams and in return I like to think that I do the same for them because after all aren't all of our dreams important? 

You may think that no one has the same dream or idea as you, that you were the first person to think of it and therefore you have this universal right to be pissed with someone else for thinking that they thought of it first...

Guess what that dream or idea you have has probably been done 1000 times seriously maybe even more! How you deal with that information is up to you, and how you behave when you see someone else doing it says more about you than them. Be nice and just carry on doing what you are doing to the best of your capability because even if someone is doing the same thing it's not actually the's their version.

Now I'm really excited about the future of my business, I can't wait to see what this year will unfold for The Wedding Hub, for Faithful Designs and for those that I will be working along side BUT I know others may find it hard to wish me well and I'm ok with that (I'm sending them pink fluffy clouds right now) because I'm not doing it for them, this new move and direction of my business is for ME and my family. 

Just be you! Be positive because negativity is exhausting.

Stay lovely.

See you after Dx 




I've never really loved the idea of change, however it's something I've learnt to cope with. It's got easier as I've got older and I'd say I'm better now when faced with changes...I'm good at adapting, evolving with a situation even. That's not to say though that I'm not still scared shitless when a big change lands in front of me!

So I told you before Christmas about my grand plans and my big dream of finding a place where lots of us could work from and create a massive buzz throughout the wedding world. After I announced my plans to the world I then went and spoke to several different people in the know. I gathered some useful advice and listened to lots of different opinions. I got shot down by some for my enthusiasm but I was really encouraged to keep going by others. I got excited, but then became hugely overwhelmed by the massive task I would be taking on if I were to put my plan in to action. I thought long and hard, had many sleepless nights and grumpy days going backwards and forwards with what to do. As luck would have it several set backs with the premises and other issues actually took the decision out of my hands and although now I believe the idea was just a little to big it doesn't mean that I don't want to re visit it in the future!


Obviously these past couple of years have been a massive wake up call for me. When you lose someone you truly love things are never the same again and you really do start to begin to reevaluate your life and what you're doing with it. I think before, I was always only really half committed, never really giving myself 100% because of fear, of being too scared to put myself and my work out there. I guess I was also safe in the knowledge that I have my husband to fall back on if I didn't make enough to pay my own bills he would....he's kept me and my business going for far too long. Then there was Emma, I made her my excuse for two years. I was able to pop my head in and out every now and again, just enough to let you all know that I was still here but not quite enough to really make a huge impact and not enough to be noticed if I did just disappear. 

It's been six months since my beautiful big sister died. 

Six months of tears, tantrums and reflection and I've still kind of been hiding away. I have tried a few times to re enter the world and work but I've failed miserably. I had so many big ideas but I honestly didn't think any of them through completely because in my defence I'm not healed, I'm not really strong enough yet. I'm exhausted, I wiped myself out by letting my crazy ass head take's manic up in there!! Trying to do everything all at once whilst still not allowing myself to grieve was ridiculous...I was bound to crash and burn or rather crumble and sob hysterically! BUT it's OK, it's OK to admit we are human, it's OK to admit that all our ideas are not good ones or that we can't make them happen alone. 

So after plans changing, projects halting and my body literally grounding me to a stop I had to listen, and listen I have! 

I listened to my family, my friends and my heart.

What do you want? 

Well actually I quite simply want to succeed...

I want to make my business shine. I want to stop making excuses. I want to stop playing at being a business woman and actually do it. I want my children to understand that it really is ok to fail at things, to fall down a few times but continue to stand back up even when you have very little strength. I want them to see that dreams are not impossible to achieve if you really believe in yourself. I want them to see that I never gave up....

This year is about creating myself again, I'm a different person to the one I once was so this could be interesting for many reasons. I will concentrate on myself and making my business work before trying to help others because although that feels very weird to me I now know if I make my business work it will in turn help others anyway. I don't mean I won't help because that's not me, I love to encourage others but in the past I've concentrated more on them than me. I wish to continue building our wonderful wedding creatives community and watching it grow because I can honestly say those who are already a part of it are some of the nicest, most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing....I am so proud of everything you are all achieving! 

OK so here is the exciting news I've been holding in for a couple of weeks...

After several wonderful chains of events I happened to find myself in the right place at the right time and if everything goes to plan you will soon see TWH relocated to the lovely area of Hyde Park road! It's a very scary move but sometimes scary is good and I'm finally excited to see what the future holds.

With a new wedding dress concession from Rock the Frock, new suppliers coming on board and an array of regular awesome workshop dates we really will be stepping things up! 

If you'd like to know more about becoming part of TWH team, displaying your products in the shop or running some workshops then please give us a shout by emailing

Once again I thank you for listening to my ramblings, supporting me and loving me because without you I really would have just gone and got myself a job in a supermarket ;) 

See you after Dx



Well happy new year to you all...I know it's been a wee while since I last posted on the blog but in my defence it's been a bit busy here and I'm still getting used to juggling four small people during the week. 

Anyway there's some exciting news....

We now have some pretty awesome dresses in the shop and you really need to come see them!

Our Rock the Frock concession is almost complete, we're just waiting on a few more that will arrive next week in time for our launch day on the 28th of January. We'll be there all day 10-6 for you to pop in for a browse!

For those of you who have never heard of the shop let alone visited let me just fill you in on what to expect. 

So yes we now have some wedding dresses (about 15 new and several vintage) but we are not a bridal my opinion there are already lots of wonderful ladies in Plymouth doing a grand old job of running them and I do not wish to step on anyones toes by opening up another! The shop will continue as it was before...well maybe not exactly, as I was never really there during daylight was a very strange year! Ok so it won't run as before but it will still be a working space for both myself and others, we'll still be showcasing and selling lots of lovely UK suppliers work and running's just now that we have another string to add to our wedding bow by adding a selection of uber lovely wedding dresses chosen by Karen at Rock the Frock in Essex from her best sellers. 

Amongst the dresses you'll find creations from the talented designers Leanne Marshall, SAJA, The Couture Company, Vintage Atelier, Hazaar, and Bouret. 

If you'd like to come take a look and plat dress up for an hour then please make an appointment HERE as I can't always be at the shop but I'm never too far away...I literally only live around the corner! I do have a general Tuesday - Saturday 10am til 330pm rule but with enough notice I can arrange to be at the shop outside of those times and days if needed so just ask and I'll try my hardest to accommodate you! 

Erm a couple of things that would be helpful for you to know..

Parking is a total mare during the week as the shop is next to the college and both an awesome bakery and chippy so the off street parking gets whipped up pretty quick (especially at lunch time), you may need to drive around the block once or twice before finding a space so I advise you to car share if there's a few of you coming. 

If you're bringing family and friends along with you the shop isn't huge so maybe try to keep it to two or three, you can always make another appointment if there's more opinions needed ;)

Things for you to think about...

Heels! I've been told it's always better to try a dress on in heels. I do have a couple of pairs here at the shop for those occasions someone may forget (I know I would). Under garments... wear some hehe! Only kidding! Nude undies and perhaps a strapless bra are a good option for most dresses. Ooh last but not least make sure you bring an open mind's always worth trying on a dress even if you believe it won't look right because you seriously just never know. We only have a small selection of Rock the Frock so we don't carry all sizes, however don't fret pet... if you think something will be to big or small we have ways of getting you in and out of all sizes. I have pins, clips and even double sided sticky tape at hand! So come and enjoy a glass of fizz in a relaxed atmosphere, there'll be no judgement or hard sell because after all I'd have hated that if I'd ever been brave enough to go and try dresses on....whole other story there and thankfully I had a clever mummy to make me a dress!! 

Anyway come see me on the 28th of January, there'll be a few treats for any brides to be and a discount on dresses if purchased at the launch!

See you after D x

Beautiful pictures captured by the lovely Louise of Mrs Jutson Photography


I've told people my ideas in the past and been burnt.

I've opened up to people and spoken about my dreams and had to sit back and watch as they became someone else's reality.

Needless to say I have thought long and hard before making the decision to tell you all my big dream!

I have a vision, in fact I've had it for years but I've been to scared to take a risk.

In this vision there's a beautiful big building which is full of creativity and possibilities. It's buzzing with talent, acceptance, excitement and energy. 

I wish to create this, I want this to be the place I go to work.

I want it to be home to a diverse community of wedding creatives who work well along side each other and who compliment one another. 

Imagine a place where designers, crafters and our future creatives can work, learn and thrive together.

That concept makes me really smile from ear to ear.

So, I found her....the building in my vision, or did she find me? The building is just as it looks in my vision, well almost! She's tired and empty...but who better to bring her back to life than us? If we can't restore her to her former beauty then who will? She'll probably stay empty and lonely until she falls down.

I can't let that happen, I see the potential in her like I do in so many of the people I now surround myself with....I believe that together you and I can bring her back to life.

Let me introduce you to the Lady of Mount Wise!

         Mount Wise House Grade II Listed and Originally built as Naval Officer's Accommodation.

        Mount Wise House Grade II Listed and Originally built as Naval Officer's Accommodation.

What next....

I know what I want it to be and I know that I want us in there creating something special. It's going to be a safe space where everyone will feel included and accepted, encouraged and supported by others who just get "You"'s a lonely old place when you're a crazy creative! (Not that I believe we're crazy....well not much).

Stationers, florists, photographers, designers, artists, therapists, jewellers, beauticians....there's so many possibilities and so much space! There are rooms upon rooms and so many ideas. For example there's a huge room that I see being a gorgeous shared work area and communal chilling space...not hot desking, I want it to be much more personal than that and then there's the most beautiful large room with floor to ceiling windows which will be a perfect Photography Studio. There'll be private shop spaces, display areas, workshop and seminar rooms available to rent, it's all really exciting and will give so many people a wonderful opportunity to grow their businesses. 

So the next step is to have several meetings with those in the know who are hopefully going to advise me on everything I need to learn about starting a Community Interest Company. Once we've sorted all the legal stuff, business plans, funding and all that jazz we'll be calling for everyone to come and lend a hand on "Mission Mount Wise House", decorators, plumbers, electricians and everyone in between. I'm going to set up a crowdfunding page and will look in to kickstarters too. If you want to be involved in any area of this amazing project feel free to send me an email and we'll get together and have a brainstorm over a cuppa. 

Ok, so there you idea in a nutshell is to bring creatives together, to encourage community spirit and help others realise their potential.

Word of mouth is a beautiful thing.....get talking! 

See you after D x








As usual I'm a few weeks out on my "To Do" list! I had planned to write this blog post as soon as I returned from London but you know me....erm actually it was only a couple of weeks ago so in the grand scheme that's not to bad!

For those that already follow my ramblings you'll know that I'm a big fan of Kiki, who's the force behind the Chosen Wedding Collective and The Hub events in London. I attended last year's Hub and was blown away by several of the speakers, especially Tamryn from Candid Apple and Cat Hepple from Light of a Thousand Stars...they both brought me to tears and gave me goosebumps with their passion and love for what they do! Needless to say, this year's Hub had a lot to live up to. If you'd like to read about the previous one you can find it here

I traveled up to London the day before with my gorgeous little sidekick Louise (Mrs Jutson Photography) so that we could do a little exploring and chill out before the Hub on the Friday.

We stayed in a lovely little apartment in Shoreditch which we found through AirBnB. There were some beautiful, quirky little shops nearby and a beautiful park right behind our street just a couple of minutes away.

I've only visited London twice before and both were only whistle stops! Louise however knows London way better than me and introduced me to Camden Market!! Oh My Days....I HAVE to return there as soon as possible. You couldn't possibly feel out of place in an environment like Camden Town. It was awesome and such a shame we only managed to spend an hour, I could have lost myself in there!

Ok so back to the reason we were in London...

The Hub was held in a really cool and contemporary studio space on the top floor of JJ Studios. It was such a lovely venue and styled so beautifully by Wilma Event Design. The flowers were from The Flower Bird  and the stunning catering was provided by Feast. 

The day was really relaxed, and there was such a lovely atmosphere. 

I was very much looking forward to hearing The Wedding Stylist Sundari's talk about Instagram as that's a tool I've started to use much more this year......and hopefully a little better than before! Sundari was very easy to listen to, passionate and funny! She has a beautiful Instagram grid and such an eye for detail. Coco & Kat were really lovely, their talk about collaborating and styled shoots was helpful and made me realise that I'm extremely lucky to have found my "Kat" in Louise! I'm excited to continue our working relationship and seeing what amazing things we can do together...although I'm not sure our hashtag will be as cool! Both Andri from Always Andri and Hannah from Hannah McClune Photography's talks were interesting and gave me some useful things to think about with valuing my services, knowing my worth and the possibilities of upscaling.

I felt that the messages that stood out for me most this year were about focus and facing the fear during the talk that Chichi Eruchalu gave. What a beautiful presence you have Chichi! 

Kiki as always it was so lovely to see you, you had no need to be nervous! What a wonderful thing you managed to do again, bringing such a creative group of people together. Your vision and desire to help this industry is infectious! xx

Since the Hub I've really tried to focus and implement changes that will benefit my life and my business. I've set goals and already started to put steps in order to reach them. I've been scared for far to long, scared to fail, scared to tell people my dreams in case they laugh at me or tell me to stop aiming too high! 

Why do I care what others think....why do any of us?

I thought that facing my fears would be scary as shit, but I realise now that not even giving it a go would just be criminal to myself, my family and all the friends that have stood by me.

So, 2017 is going to be the year I achieve really awesome things, it's going to be a year of change and challenges but I'm ready for that. Yeah, 2016 was the worst year of my life, but I know Em's willing me to keep going. I know she'd be supporting me like she always did and telling me to just go for whatever it was I wanted. She had so much faith in me, she was so sure I'd do well, I owe it to her to be that person she believed I was. Ugh I'm a bloody blubbering mess right's hard to think about her without struggling to breathe or bursting in to tears. (I hope no one walks past the shop and sees me). 

So once again attending The Hub event has helped me to regain a bit of direction. It's given me plenty to think about and lots of ideas....

Watch this space because next year really is going to be wonderful. We have a magazine with a difference to launch, Rock the Frock dresses coming and a secret that I can not wait to tell you all about! 

See you after D x



I've tried to write this next blog post a hundred times but I can only get so far before scribbling through my words and ripping it up!

The last blog post I wrote which was about my sister Emma was read by over 4000 people in the first 24 hours of going online. The response was utterly overwhelming, I received so many lovely messages from friends and even total strangers with offers of support, donations and encouragement. A simple thank you just doesn't feel nearly enough but it's all I have....and I do Thank You all with every fibre of my body, for everything you all did to help me put together and pull of the wedding auction! THANK YOU a million times over xx

As you may or may not know originally the wedding auction was organised in aid of my sister Emma, to help raise funds to pay for her alternative treatment for brain cancer. 

So....this is around about the point where I start to scribble out! 

Emma died.

On Sunday 24th July 2016 just after 4pm my beautiful big sister, my best friend, took her last breath and went to sleep for the last time.

Just days before the auction she was gone, I'm so sad that she didn't get to witness how wonderful the night was, she didn't get to feel how much love filled that huge room. It was such an emotional evening, one that I just couldn't have got through alone. I'm so thankful to have had my family and friends right by my side.

The full wedding day package was won with a bid of £10,000!! The winning couple, Barry and Leanne travelled down from Cambridge to attend the event. A weird twist of fate and an extra special touch is that Barry is an old family friend. He actually took Emma to hospital when she was in labour with my niece Emily 11 years ago! It's like Emma made it happen this way, she couldn't have the wedding of her dreams so she wanted someone special to have it and it makes it so much more wonderful to be someone we know and love.

Amazingly we raised over £14,000 on the night which will be used to help give my sisters children some forever memories and help them get through this with smiles on their faces.

I don't remember much of the auction if I'm honest, in fact i actually don't remember much of the week leading up to it or that followed. I found it extremely difficult to take anything in. I am so very very lucky to have some wonderful friends who were a constant support and were there day or night throughout those couple of weeks....Louise & Hannah I seriously couldn't have managed any of it without you! Love you both! 

There are lots of people I want to thank, lots of people who helped to put the event together but four I couldn't have done it without!

Kate, Louise, Victoria and Hannah, you girls are so frigging amazing!! Look what we did!! I miss seeing you all every week to brainstorm....

And to all my wedding creatives who have so very generously donated their time, talent and services to put this awesome package together you really are all wonderful and I love you dearly....I can not wait to plan this wedding because with you all involved it's going to be out of this world!!

So now to start helping the winning couple plan their amazing wedding!

The last two months have been utterly life changing. Losing Emma still seems unreal and not something we've really had time to process yet. As a family we've battled with the summer holidays entertaining four children and had to move house. It's been pretty bloody epic!

I've hidden away, not on purpose....I just find it difficult to be around people that are living and getting on with life as if nothing has happened, as if my world hasn't been turned upside down. However I miss people, I miss work and I really miss being creative! The children are all now back at school and I have time on my hands for the first time in forever which alone feels very strange, so time to return to the shop and work!

I miss Emma every single second of every frigging day but I know she's trying to nudge me back to reality, she's telling me to get back out there and find some kind of peace. She knew how much I loved my work and she would be so mad with me if she knew I was using her as an excuse not to go....I know she's telling me to stop just existing and to start living again. She told me lots that she was proud of me and I'm not about to let her down now by becoming some weird recluse so there's big plans for the future and changes to be made, I'm going to do it but it's going to take baby steps to start with! 

See you after......D x


Photos by Stuart Brampton Photography

Venue Ocean Studios


WOW!!! I spent Monday evening with a few of my gorgeous wedding creatives to discuss and finalise a few of the details for the auction and oh my word the donations are just amazing!

I wish I was getting married again (to the same guy of course) because seriously this wedding package is everything I ever wanted and much more!!

This week has been overwhelming, so much support and generosity. My post about Emma and the Wedding Creatives was seen by over 4000 people in the first 24 hours WOW!

The Plymouth Herald and Plymouth Shopper both shared our story today so hopefully the word is getting out there and the Wedding Auction will be a success filled with wonderful couples. You can go to the Facebook Event page HERE to confirm your attendance. 

There have been so many donations that not only are we auctioning a full wedding package there will also be individual products and services up for auction and a raffle for smaller wedding extras so there really will be something for everyone! 

Want to know what date your wedding could be....we have THREE dates for you to chose from...

Dreaming of a Spring wedding....Saturday April 22nd 2017

Summer....Saturday July 22nd 2017

Autumn.....Saturday September 23rd 2017

Our auctioneer for the evening at Ocean Studios in The Royal William Yard will be the ever so lovely BBC SW Presenter Natalie Cornah...Thank you so much for offering to do this for us Natalie x

So far these awesome donations have been made....


So far we have....


individual lots

A Wedding Cake worth £500 from award winning  Edible Essence Couture Co

On the Day Photography worth £1450 from Liberty Pearl Photography 

Brides Bouquet, Two Bridesmaids Posies and Five Buttonholes worth £200 from Hannah Burnett Floristry

50% OFF a Bespoke Wedding Dress from Ailsa Munro Dressmaker

Up to 4 Personalised Necklaces for Bride & Bridesmaids - Clare Kilgour Contemporary Jewellery

Mid Week Wedding Photography Package from Clare Kinchin Photography

Six Month Membership worth £210 from Energie Fitness for Women in Plympton

A Wedding Cake & Dessert Table worth £750 from Centrepiece Cake Co

Engagement Photo Shoot - MargoR Photography 

Bespoke Hat or Fascinator Just Seven

A Bespoke Casting of Bride & Grooms interlinked hands from Southwest Body Castings

£80 Voucher to spend towards Handmade Wedding Rings or other jewellery from Tegen Jewellery

Free Prop Hire up to £100  from The Wedding Hub

Personalised A4 40 Page Guest Book worth £65 from Knots & Kisses

30 Minute Pre Wedding Pamper for the Bride & Groom worth £56 from The Greenhouse Spa Retreat

90 Minute Astrology Reading worth £60  Louisa Tanner Munson

A 5LTR Jar of Punch (enough to serve 20 drinks) Salty Rims Mobile Bar

A Bespoke Fascinator for Mother of the Bride Sharon Morgan

5 Boxes of 24 Speciality Handmade Chocolates worth £112.50 Loco About Cocoa

Pole Fitness Hen Party Workshop for up to 15 people worth £288 from Pole Dance Plymouth

Engagement or Couples Photoshoot worth £275 from Freckle Photography

Tiara & Veil worth up to £250 from Amica Bridal Boutique 

Hen Party Animation Workshop worth £200  Zing Ping Ltd

A Digital "Doodlemation" Guest Book worth £675  Zing Ping Ltd

Animated Thank You from the Bride & Groom with £200 Zing Ping Ltd

Hog Feast for 60 people worth £700 from Come Swine With Me

Wedding Photography Package worth £650 UpArt Photography 


raffle prizes

tickets priced at £5 each

Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Wedding Auction.

Email Danielle at if you are unable to attend but would like to purchase a raffle ticket.


pre loved and new

We will also be having a small section on the night of beautiful pre loved and new items for sale.




If you would like to donate something towards the wedding auction please email me at

Alternatively if you would like to give a monetary donation you can do so HERE.







How has it already been a month since the Creative Collective Wedding Event at Ocean Studios? 

What a brilliant day! 

Beautiful quirky venue, a hand picked selection of creative suppliers and lots of lovely couples looking for something uniquely different for their wedding day!

Walking around the venue it was so wonderful to see lots of interaction between exhibitors and visitors, lots of smiles and fantastic feedback.

"Best wedding fayre we've been to"

"Very relaxed and friendly, no one has pounced on us"

"Really different style and lovely atmosphere"

These were just a few of the amazing comments I received when asking couples what they thought of our first event.

My personal aim for collaborating with the team at Ocean Studios on the Creative Collective Wedding Event was to bring together and showcase the creative talent that is widely available on our doorstep but is just not shouted about enough...if at all!

I honestly believe that every one should have a wedding day that reflects who they are as individuals and as a couple. A day that's personalised with details that are special just to them. Your wedding day should be yours and not the same as everybody else's.

The awesome exhibitors at the CCWE are some of the most creative and individual people I've met within the industry. They provide something unique and are very keen to work with those couples who wish to explore the possibilities that the creative wedding world has to offer!

Struggling to find the perfect dress? Maybe that's because it's not waiting for you hanging on a rail in a boutique but instead perhaps it's waiting to me made especially for you by a dress maker such as the talented Ailsa Munro!

Don't want to get married in your local registry office, hotel or church like the three friends before you? What about a venue that's full of quirky urban character like Ocean Studios?

Just can't decide if you should have a beautiful fresh flower bouquet or a non traditional alternative made from brooches, fabric, paper or even buttons?

What about welcome drinks......Pretty sparkling cocktails with edible flowers sound good? Salty Rims Mobile Bar are me I've had the pleasure of tasting a couple of their drinks!

Inspiration is what it's all about! Sometimes we just go along with the rest because we're not aware of what else is on offer and we settle for OK because we don't know that OMG is available!

Don't be a sheep, mix it up a little.....or a LOT! Let us help you create your perfect day!

If you didn't make it along to our first event don't worry because we're already prepping for the next one on September 11th, which will be even bigger and better!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful exhibitors who took park in the first Creative Collective Wedding guys rock and I am so thrilled you were a part of it! Big big high five for a successful day xx

THANK YOU to Stuart Brampton Photography for coming along and taking some fantastic pictures for us! xx

THANK YOU to the team at Ocean Studios for all your hard work and letting me get on board with this new venture.....looking forward to many more events xx

Last but not least a big THANK YOU to my little creative side kick Louise from Mrs Jutson Photography who is always helping me with projects! She was the genius behind the off the cuff trip to Ocean Studios to grab the awesome photo that was then used throughout for the advertising of the CCWE.....couldn't and wouldn't have wanted to do it without you Mrs J xx



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 Mrs Jutson Photography                  

Tegen Jewellery                   

Charlotte Dart Photo and Film          

Pretty Little Treats

Audrey and Rose          

Ailsa Munro Dressmaker          

Dave Crocker          

Hannah Burnett Florist           

Love and Stuff          

Magna SW

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 Zing Ping Ltd          

Sharon Morgan Millinery          

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