As usual I'm a few weeks out on my "To Do" list! I had planned to write this blog post as soon as I returned from London but you know me....erm actually it was only a couple of weeks ago so in the grand scheme that's not to bad!

For those that already follow my ramblings you'll know that I'm a big fan of Kiki, who's the force behind the Chosen Wedding Collective and The Hub events in London. I attended last year's Hub and was blown away by several of the speakers, especially Tamryn from Candid Apple and Cat Hepple from Light of a Thousand Stars...they both brought me to tears and gave me goosebumps with their passion and love for what they do! Needless to say, this year's Hub had a lot to live up to. If you'd like to read about the previous one you can find it here

I traveled up to London the day before with my gorgeous little sidekick Louise (Mrs Jutson Photography) so that we could do a little exploring and chill out before the Hub on the Friday.

We stayed in a lovely little apartment in Shoreditch which we found through AirBnB. There were some beautiful, quirky little shops nearby and a beautiful park right behind our street just a couple of minutes away.

I've only visited London twice before and both were only whistle stops! Louise however knows London way better than me and introduced me to Camden Market!! Oh My Days....I HAVE to return there as soon as possible. You couldn't possibly feel out of place in an environment like Camden Town. It was awesome and such a shame we only managed to spend an hour, I could have lost myself in there!

Ok so back to the reason we were in London...

The Hub was held in a really cool and contemporary studio space on the top floor of JJ Studios. It was such a lovely venue and styled so beautifully by Wilma Event Design. The flowers were from The Flower Bird  and the stunning catering was provided by Feast. 

The day was really relaxed, and there was such a lovely atmosphere. 

I was very much looking forward to hearing The Wedding Stylist Sundari's talk about Instagram as that's a tool I've started to use much more this year......and hopefully a little better than before! Sundari was very easy to listen to, passionate and funny! She has a beautiful Instagram grid and such an eye for detail. Coco & Kat were really lovely, their talk about collaborating and styled shoots was helpful and made me realise that I'm extremely lucky to have found my "Kat" in Louise! I'm excited to continue our working relationship and seeing what amazing things we can do together...although I'm not sure our hashtag will be as cool! Both Andri from Always Andri and Hannah from Hannah McClune Photography's talks were interesting and gave me some useful things to think about with valuing my services, knowing my worth and the possibilities of upscaling.

I felt that the messages that stood out for me most this year were about focus and facing the fear during the talk that Chichi Eruchalu gave. What a beautiful presence you have Chichi! 

Kiki as always it was so lovely to see you, you had no need to be nervous! What a wonderful thing you managed to do again, bringing such a creative group of people together. Your vision and desire to help this industry is infectious! xx

Since the Hub I've really tried to focus and implement changes that will benefit my life and my business. I've set goals and already started to put steps in order to reach them. I've been scared for far to long, scared to fail, scared to tell people my dreams in case they laugh at me or tell me to stop aiming too high! 

Why do I care what others think....why do any of us?

I thought that facing my fears would be scary as shit, but I realise now that not even giving it a go would just be criminal to myself, my family and all the friends that have stood by me.

So, 2017 is going to be the year I achieve really awesome things, it's going to be a year of change and challenges but I'm ready for that. Yeah, 2016 was the worst year of my life, but I know Em's willing me to keep going. I know she'd be supporting me like she always did and telling me to just go for whatever it was I wanted. She had so much faith in me, she was so sure I'd do well, I owe it to her to be that person she believed I was. Ugh I'm a bloody blubbering mess right now....it's hard to think about her without struggling to breathe or bursting in to tears. (I hope no one walks past the shop and sees me). 

So once again attending The Hub event has helped me to regain a bit of direction. It's given me plenty to think about and lots of ideas....

Watch this space because next year really is going to be wonderful. We have a magazine with a difference to launch, Rock the Frock dresses coming and a secret that I can not wait to tell you all about! 

See you after D x