I've told people my ideas in the past and been burnt.

I've opened up to people and spoken about my dreams and had to sit back and watch as they became someone else's reality.

Needless to say I have thought long and hard before making the decision to tell you all my big dream!

I have a vision, in fact I've had it for years but I've been to scared to take a risk.

In this vision there's a beautiful big building which is full of creativity and possibilities. It's buzzing with talent, acceptance, excitement and energy. 

I wish to create this, I want this to be the place I go to work.

I want it to be home to a diverse community of wedding creatives who work well along side each other and who compliment one another. 

Imagine a place where designers, crafters and our future creatives can work, learn and thrive together.

That concept makes me really smile from ear to ear.

So, I found her....the building in my vision, or did she find me? The building is just as it looks in my vision, well almost! She's tired and empty...but who better to bring her back to life than us? If we can't restore her to her former beauty then who will? She'll probably stay empty and lonely until she falls down.

I can't let that happen, I see the potential in her like I do in so many of the people I now surround myself with....I believe that together you and I can bring her back to life.

Let me introduce you to the Lady of Mount Wise!

        Mount Wise House Grade II Listed and Originally built as Naval Officer's Accommodation.

        Mount Wise House Grade II Listed and Originally built as Naval Officer's Accommodation.

What next....

I know what I want it to be and I know that I want us in there creating something special. It's going to be a safe space where everyone will feel included and accepted, encouraged and supported by others who just get "You"....it's a lonely old place when you're a crazy creative! (Not that I believe we're crazy....well not much).

Stationers, florists, photographers, designers, artists, therapists, jewellers, beauticians....there's so many possibilities and so much space! There are rooms upon rooms and so many ideas. For example there's a huge room that I see being a gorgeous shared work area and communal chilling space...not hot desking, I want it to be much more personal than that and then there's the most beautiful large room with floor to ceiling windows which will be a perfect Photography Studio. There'll be private shop spaces, display areas, workshop and seminar rooms available to rent, it's all really exciting and will give so many people a wonderful opportunity to grow their businesses. 

So the next step is to have several meetings with those in the know who are hopefully going to advise me on everything I need to learn about starting a Community Interest Company. Once we've sorted all the legal stuff, business plans, funding and all that jazz we'll be calling for everyone to come and lend a hand on "Mission Mount Wise House"...builders, decorators, plumbers, electricians and everyone in between. I'm going to set up a crowdfunding page and will look in to kickstarters too. If you want to be involved in any area of this amazing project feel free to send me an email and we'll get together and have a brainstorm over a cuppa. 

Ok, so there you go....my idea in a nutshell is to bring creatives together, to encourage community spirit and help others realise their potential.

Word of mouth is a beautiful thing.....get talking! 

See you after D x