Well happy new year to you all...I know it's been a wee while since I last posted on the blog but in my defence it's been a bit busy here and I'm still getting used to juggling four small people during the week. 

Anyway there's some exciting news....

We now have some pretty awesome dresses in the shop and you really need to come see them!

Our Rock the Frock concession is almost complete, we're just waiting on a few more that will arrive next week in time for our launch day on the 28th of January. We'll be there all day 10-6 for you to pop in for a browse!

For those of you who have never heard of the shop let alone visited let me just fill you in on what to expect. 

So yes we now have some wedding dresses (about 15 new and several vintage) but we are not a bridal boutique...in my opinion there are already lots of wonderful ladies in Plymouth doing a grand old job of running them and I do not wish to step on anyones toes by opening up another! The shop will continue as it was before...well maybe not exactly, as I was never really there during daylight hours...it was a very strange year! Ok so it won't run as before but it will still be a working space for both myself and others, we'll still be showcasing and selling lots of lovely UK suppliers work and running workshops...it's just now that we have another string to add to our wedding bow by adding a selection of uber lovely wedding dresses chosen by Karen at Rock the Frock in Essex from her best sellers. 

Amongst the dresses you'll find creations from the talented designers Leanne Marshall, SAJA, The Couture Company, Vintage Atelier, Hazaar, and Bouret. 

If you'd like to come take a look and plat dress up for an hour then please make an appointment HERE as I can't always be at the shop but I'm never too far away...I literally only live around the corner! I do have a general Tuesday - Saturday 10am til 330pm rule but with enough notice I can arrange to be at the shop outside of those times and days if needed so just ask and I'll try my hardest to accommodate you! 

Erm a couple of things that would be helpful for you to know..

Parking is a total mare during the week as the shop is next to the college and both an awesome bakery and chippy so the off street parking gets whipped up pretty quick (especially at lunch time), you may need to drive around the block once or twice before finding a space so I advise you to car share if there's a few of you coming. 

If you're bringing family and friends along with you the shop isn't huge so maybe try to keep it to two or three, you can always make another appointment if there's more opinions needed ;)

Things for you to think about...

Heels! I've been told it's always better to try a dress on in heels. I do have a couple of pairs here at the shop for those occasions someone may forget (I know I would). Under garments... wear some hehe! Only kidding! Nude undies and perhaps a strapless bra are a good option for most dresses. Ooh last but not least make sure you bring an open mind too.....it's always worth trying on a dress even if you believe it won't look right because you seriously just never know. We only have a small selection of Rock the Frock so we don't carry all sizes, however don't fret pet... if you think something will be to big or small we have ways of getting you in and out of all sizes. I have pins, clips and even double sided sticky tape at hand! So come and enjoy a glass of fizz in a relaxed atmosphere, there'll be no judgement or hard sell because after all I'd have hated that if I'd ever been brave enough to go and try dresses on....whole other story there and thankfully I had a clever mummy to make me a dress!! 

Anyway come see me on the 28th of January, there'll be a few treats for any brides to be and a discount on dresses if purchased at the launch!

See you after D x

Beautiful pictures captured by the lovely Louise of Mrs Jutson Photography