It's funny how when you think you're passed caring about the opinion of other's you come face to face with a big ugly green eyed monster! Yes I know contrary to what your mum used to tell you monsters do actually exist....the difference is now I'm not scared of them and neither should you be! 

Why? Because they can't really hurt you if you don't let them. Easier said than done eh? Not really! You just need to focus, focus on YOU and what you're doing because when you ignore them they have no power over you. Yes you may still hear them whispering behind you but you just have to block them out. Pop a bit of loud music on, sing a happy song to yourself or one of my personal favourites I've taken from my sister...imagine a pink fluffy cloud surrounding them (I like to think it's actually filled with shit and rains down on those monsters at a force of 100 miles per hour) but apparently that's wrong of me and the cloud is actually just filled with lovely thoughts and well wishes that we send their way to help them become nicer! 

There are so many wonderful people in the world, so many givers and lovers to surround yourself with. Be one of those people. Encourage others, support them, give them a hand up the ladder instead of kicking it as they're about to reach the top! Why not celebrate the success of someone? I LOVE to see my friends do well, I lOVE to see them achieve their goals because it makes me feel good...being jealous is so bloody negative and depressing and it makes you ugly! 

I get so fed up when I hear about the bitching and the back stabbing within this pretty little wedding aint so pretty some days! I have made some of the nicest friends since starting my business. They continue to build me up and encourage my dreams and in return I like to think that I do the same for them because after all aren't all of our dreams important? 

You may think that no one has the same dream or idea as you, that you were the first person to think of it and therefore you have this universal right to be pissed with someone else for thinking that they thought of it first...

Guess what that dream or idea you have has probably been done 1000 times seriously maybe even more! How you deal with that information is up to you, and how you behave when you see someone else doing it says more about you than them. Be nice and just carry on doing what you are doing to the best of your capability because even if someone is doing the same thing it's not actually the's their version.

Now I'm really excited about the future of my business, I can't wait to see what this year will unfold for The Wedding Hub, for Faithful Designs and for those that I will be working along side BUT I know others may find it hard to wish me well and I'm ok with that (I'm sending them pink fluffy clouds right now) because I'm not doing it for them, this new move and direction of my business is for ME and my family. 

Just be you! Be positive because negativity is exhausting.

Stay lovely.

See you after Dx