As many of you know, last year I organised an auction to raise funds to help pay for my sisters cancer treatment.

I've made so many wonderful friends since being in this industry and boy did they come to my aid when I asked for help. Without their kindness and generosity the auction would never have gone ahead. I can say thank you a million times but it really will never feel like enough...Thank You to everyone who helped!

Like it does, time has moved on and we are now fully in the swing of things and pulling out all the stops to make this wedding something truly special....not only is this for the wonderful couple who bid and won the prize but also in memory of my sister who would have truly been so happy to see these two people get married.

Leanne and Barry will be getting married in just a few months and I thought as a little added extra it would be nice to document some of the special moments along the way! It's also a great opportunity for me to shout about the suppliers who donated towards this amazing package!

So first up...

THE DRESS which was donated from the lovely Tina at Te Amo Brides 

I'm so honoured to call Tina a friend as well as a fellow wedding supplier. Tina owns and runs a beautiful local bridal boutique in Plimpton. Louise (Mrs Jutson Photography) and I recently tagged along with Leanne and two of her bridesmaids for her dress appointment. Needless to say the service, kindness and professional attitude of Tina and her team was outstanding. 

Leanne tried on an array of dresses in different styles and I was both thrilled and relieved when she found THE ONE...I was honoured to witness that moment! She looked beautiful and yes I believe I did shed a tear! 

Next up...Time to get those all important invitations out there and let the guests know the plans!

WEDDING STATIONERY now I know a huge amount of super talented stationers but it would have just felt wrong had I not been the person making the invitations right? 

Leanne and Barry were actually really laid back about the whole design process and pretty much let me just get on with it. They wanted a natural look with a rustic feel to compliment the wedding venue. Flowers and hessian, inspired by the natural surroundings of the grounds in which they'll be saying their vows. 

I actually found it hard at first to bring the design together because I wanted so bad to get it right, I did not want to mess this up! I put way too much thought in to it, too much pressure on myself to come up with something I thought would be perfect and in the end I just freaked myself out and drew a blank! Sometimes when something means so much to me I find I need to step back from it, and generally that's when the ideas start coming back....thankfully! I played about a bit with different ideas, fonts and textures before settling on the final design and I loved it! Not just because Leanne and Barry did but because of the reason behind the whole thing. Every wedding is special....but because of this unbelievably generous couple who decided to do it this way and trust in me to deliver their perfect wedding in order to help Emma well the wedding is going to be extra special. 

So, invitations are sent and I have a huge list of wonderful suppliers to work through but with each one I tick off I know we're getting another step closer to making someones dreams come true and what I truly believe will be a magical day. 

Next few things are Barry's appointment with the lovely team at The Grooms Room who donated suits. Then Leanne has her trail appointments for hair and makeup with the talented Kim from The Hair Room and the super sweet Katy Short Makeup Magic. A pre wedding shoot with the dynamic duo that is Mrs Jutson Photography & Stuart Brampton Photography who have teamed up to offer their joint services. Hen Party fun with Zing Ping, decisions to be made about flower choices with the two of the nicest florists I know...Sharon Mesher Wedding Flowers and Hannah Burnett Florist ooh then a bit of cake tasting with Kate from Centrepiece Cake Co....yep it's all go here! 

Leanne and Barry....Thank You on behalf of Emma and our family for being who you are! 

Love Dx 


Pictures taken by Mrs Jutson Photography