Hello, it's been a while! 

Let's catch up...

The shop has now been open for four months and although there's been a few hiccups (totally inevitable with any new venture) I feel right at home and LOVE this place. Everyone who has come by to say hello have all been super encouraging and show genuine belief in what I am doing, they agree that there's most definitely a NEED for something different within the wedding industry. 

If you've popped in or looked through the window you'll have seen that I've had a bit of a change around, or two! I love that I can do that, so that if more stockists come on board or some move on then the space is so easily changeable to accommodate new items and display pieces...it's beautifully fluid!

Ooh on that note I'll drop it in here that I do currently have some display space available to rent and I would love to hear from any crafters/designers/makers who may have something that could work well in the shop. Do you have something that needs to be seen but not the platform for it to be seen from? This could be the answer! 

Do you want to explore the possibilities of making your hobby something much more but need a space to work from, to create from? I have work desk space here that is crying out for more people to come and use. The shop is such a peaceful and inspiring place to work and I really want it to become the thriving hub I know it can be.

If showcasing your work in a shop scares you that's a GOOD thing! If moving your workspace from your kitchen table to an actual "work" space scares you then that's a good thing too! Moving forward is scary...really scary but as the quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf goes “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

I'm a big believer in taking risks, with following my gut instinct...yes it's got me in a few scrapes BUT it's also got me HERE. It's made me move, keep moving and reaching for a dream I know I can achieve. Just two years ago I opened my first little shop, six months after that a bigger opportunity came along and then a year after that an even bigger one appeared (I'm staying put now though, this shop feels right). Was I scared? Hell YES, I'm still scared and I still worry that I may have read my gut wrong but that's because I'm human and I let doubt get in every now and again. Doubt is a killer and if we let it it'll stop us from accomplishing the things we desire! However if we work together and encourage each other, believe in one another's dreams then they'll be so much easier to accomplish and way more enjoyable to reach! 

If you're scared and confused about taking the next step with your idea, hobby or business then I want to help you!

I'm not a business coach, I haven't spent years learning how to become a mentor and I can't offer you a quick fix to earning a six figure income BUT I can help you start. I can help you learn about what your branding says about you, how you can use social media to get your business known, tips and hints about where to save money and where to spend money. I can do this because I've done them, because I'm still doing them and still learning everyday. I have learnt some invaluable things from wonderful people and I want to pass that on. I know brilliant web designers, business coaches, stylists and product photographers, all of which I will be happy to recommend and all of who will be happy to help you too. My creative entrepreneur friends are some of the nicest, weirdest people I've ever known and the one thing they have in common is their generosity, their desire to teach and pass on what they know often amazes me. 

I'm currently working on a project that's been brewing for ages, weirdly it has coincided with something my mum is also working on in a similar way but different field. I've inherited my creative abilities, my need to be making and my deep passion for wanting to help people from my mum. We may not always see eye to eye (in fact it's quite rare) but we do want similar things....we want to help others like us achieve their goals.

If any of this is calling out to you and you believe we can help you then get in touch. Tell us what you are looking for or struggling with. We've got workshops coming up on website building, social media & SEO, branding and visuals, how to take stock photography, setting up an Etsy shop, a monthly creatives get together and loads more! 

Catch you later Dx