It’s good to change things up a little sometimes….

Who says weddings have to be light and bright to be beautiful? I think dark and moody can be just as breathtaking!

When ever Halloween comes around I always kick myself because I forget to post any spooky images… this is mainly due to the fact I have none! So this year I decided to get my shite together and rope in a little help from my talented family and friends!

After a little persuasion my niece Emily agreed to model for me (she hates any attention and very rarely lets anyone take her picture) but being as I told her she wouldn’t even look like herself once we’d finished the makeup she said yes! I am so ridiculously proud of this beautiful girl… she totally stepped out of her comfort zone and smashed through it! She’s braver than I am for sure…well done Emily x

My mum is a bleeding wiz when it comes to sewing so I knew she’d be able to create something wonderful for Emily to wear… and she did. Seriously check out that cape!!

My friend Zoe literally made Emily look unrecognisable which was handy because I can barely apply mascara let alone anything else.

Dark Bride
Dark Bride
Model Emily-jane. Top and skirt from atypical at the wedding hub. black bridal ware.

Model Emily-jane. Top and skirt from atypical at the wedding hub. black bridal ware.

Model, Outfit and Makeup sorted all I needed was a location and a photographer …. thanks to Jenny South for coming on board with both location suggestion and camera.

Channeling my inner witch wasn’t so hard, I was a little obsessed with the likes of Charmed, Buffy and the Vampire Diaries books as a teen… (I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve recently bloody loved the TV series based on those books). Given more time and thought I’d have gone BIGGER but I think with only 24 hours prep this micro shoot was awesome and considering it was not something we’d all usually do I think we did pretty well!

Walking Away

And a Big Big thank you to for blogging this shoot!!

Thanks ladies!

Concept & Styling - Me

Model - Emily Fraser

Separates and Cape - Atypical

Photographer - Jenny South Photography

MUA - Zoe