After nearly a month of trying to fight off a horrible cold due to my work load I finally gave in and went to the doctors last week. Turns out said cold is in fact a right nasty case of acute Bronchitis and believe me when I say there is absolutely nothing cute about this hideous infection! Apparently under Doctors orders I'm supposed to rest.... that is obviously easier said than done!

Those of you that are self employed and work alone will know just how impossible a task that can be. I have children to look after and a shop to run, both of which at present I already feel I'm neglecting and that really does sucks. 

I'm exhausted, grumpy and seriously emotional which is never a great combination for me (or anyone else I imagine). These feelings always make me over think everything. I start to question why I do what I do and that nagging doubting Thomas rears his bloody annoying head! “Get a proper job”, “Go work for someone else who will pay you an hourly wage, holiday and sick pay”… shut up Thomas! 

It's no secret that I have a few demons that enjoy to rattle my cage on a frequent basis, I’m not afraid anymore to talk about my issues (oh bloody hell, why is it every time I say that I hear Julia Michaels  song “Issues” playing in my head?). Grief and anxiety can make simple daily tasks almost unbearable, literally getting out of bed can be like climbing Mount Everest!  What matters is that we find ways that help us to cope and that we at least try to show up every day, even if it's only for part of it! We really do need to learn to listen more to our own bodies and look after ourselves otherwise those demons I mentioned can take over and that's no good for anybody! 

I haven't managed to take time off completely but I have tried really hard to take things slowly. The shop is only open by appointment for the next week over the Easter holiday so at least I'm able to work form home in my PJ’s if I wish to… or at least as much as possible between coughing fits and naps from exhaustion!

This morning I woke up with an overwhelming need to get the juicer out for the first time in forever and make something to hopefully lift my spirits (don't worry it didn't actually include any spirits, I've not got to that stage up to now). Nope it was a wonderful bright green concoction of fruit and veg. Pineapple, Ginger, Spinach and Celery all of which have amazing natural healing qualities for inflammation, antibacterial and a whole heap of needed vitamins. I’ve got a shelf full of awesome juicing books so trust me when I say there’s bound to be a juice that you will like even if you’re super fussy like me! I highly recommend getting a juicer, even though I hate to clean them out afterwards because that’s pretty gross, especially if you don’t do it straight away…. big tip, do it straight away!

The wedding season is fast approaching so making time now to get myself healthy is essential otherwise I'll burn out before it starts. Not only does being run down make us feel physically crappy the knock on effect for our mental health can be worse and be a long term side effect of neglect. Sometimes we struggle to put the effort in for ourselves so why not do it for the people you love, because your decline honestly can be bloody hideous for those close to you watching it. Listen to your body, if you feel like you're coming down with something don't ignore it! Stock up on vitamins, fill the fridge with good stuff, get outside in the fresh air and find time to breathe. Starting to struggle with your mental health, please do something, anything that makes you calm your thoughts and takes you away from the every day grind that’s getting you down…read a book, draw, sing, dance, talk to someone, have some fun! 

….. so until next time love you, love from Dx