Wow, the summer holidays always throw me out of sync and messes with my creative dreams to dominate the wedding world… (it’s a dream so why not go large?) Ok so I don’t actually plan to dominate the wedding world as a whole because in all honesty I’m just not Lux enough, I’m fine with that because that very large part of the industry is covered and it’s totally holding its own. I do however want to take my place amongst the weird and the wonderful, the way-outers, the rock n’ rollers, the quirkily unique, the coolest of cool and the crazy in love!

Whilst doing a little bit of homework on the Why’s, Who’s and Wants behind my business I had a real “Aha!” lightbulb, kick up the arse style moment. I’ve really been struggling with feeling out of place, not knowing if I fit anywhere in particular within the industry. If I was a spiritual person I’d bet my aura has been a muggy colour and my chakras all unbalanced but I’m not (well not really) so lets just say I’ve had my head up my arse, plodding along hoping things will just get better and fix themselves. What a dick, stuff doesn’t fix itself, we have to! So I stripped things back, started at the beginning. I made lists of things, people and places that make me happy. I pinned images to my vision boards of what and who inspires me. I rediscovered a few things I’d forgotten and realised some things that I’d overlooked…

When we’re small our parents tell us we can do anything, that we should dream big, reach for the stars and never give up. Then when we go to school so much of our hopes, desires, strength, imagination and courage is knocked out of us. You're told that you couldn’t possibly be The Hulk (that’s what my little boy wanted to be when he was asked in playschool) because he’s make believe, you are too big or too small to be dancers or gymnasts, you can't recite all 154 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets so those dreams of being a writer are out the window, you don’t know the square root of 784 or what Pi is so the chances of you getting a job without that mathematical knowhow is next to none, you can’t sit still for longer than five minutes or give eye contact to strangers….well then you’re literally destined for a life of drugs and the doll!! If even a tiny glimpse of those dreams remain once you get through childhood well bloody done, hold on tight to them because the scary world you’re about to enter is know as adulthood and that can be a dark place, believe me! Fit in or fall out, put up or shut up, find a job, any job because you’ve got bills to pay. Depressing right? I call BULLSHIT on all of that…. I’m a rebel at heart, I’ve always questioned things I don’t agree with so why have I not questioned myself? I’ve made some stupid mistakes over the last few years, financially crippled myself, procrastinated and made excuses about almost everything I needed to do in order to build my business up. It’s like I’ve been so petrified of failing on a grand scale that it’s made me too scared to completely commit to being successful. Which in turn has made me miserable and broke… yeah wise move Danni!

The good thing about hitting rock bottom is you know how it feels to be there, it really sucks. So when things are crappy you have to learn how to overcome them, you either acknowledge it and move forward or cut your losses. This is a good point for that childhood determination and the ability to believe in ourselves to kick in…. luckily for me it did! I’m an 80’s kid and that’s where I found inspiration before and again this last week!

We always hear they’re copying me, that was my idea, I did that first! In the past I’ve said some of these, been hurt by others ripping off my designs or bringing out the same product or service at which point everyone loves to quote a bit of Oscar Wilde’s “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” Yes it sucks but shit happens and in this day and age it’s really hard or dare I say impossible to come up with something new and unique. This has been one of the biggest reasons I’ve found it so difficult to start my rebrand for the last 18 months, I haven’t wanted anyone to say those things about me.

So I thought maybe I’d come at it from a different angle and publicly shout out loud about those who I’m inspired by, those who I look up to and admire. The people who I am drawn to because of their styles, vision, ethos and personalities and say THANK YOU, thank you for being brave and courageous, for dreaming in big and bright bold funky rainbow colours and for being unapologetically you!

On that note… I am looking to work with someone who can get inside my head (which really you could do from reading a few blog posts) and pull out the perfect rebrand for me. I’m thinking more illustration than graphic, bold over pastels and most of all more typically me…. (great, now I’m quoting Britney!). If you think we could work together or you know someone that fits the bill then please do get in touch. 

Yay to finally getting this all off my chest, I'm so excited! Lots of love Dx



With love and thanks to just some of those that I find inspiring....

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