I’ve been struggling to find the words to blog recently and it’s been a proper chore to get back in to the swing of things after the summer holiday.

Although being your own boss and doing things your own way is great, working alone can sometimes knock your confidence and make you feel very isolated.

I feel I’ve been hiding away from the world, not intentionally but it’s happened nonetheless and the longer it goes on the harder it is to integrate back in amongst my peers.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m not totally in love with what I do anymore, then I have days like yesterday!

I do love what I do…

I love being a creative. I love weddings. I love meeting new people, in new places, with new ideas!

I styled a shoot at a ridiculously quirky venue in Paignton with a really lovely team of people and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s a lot of work that goes on in the lead up to these days, an enormous amount of preparation and organisation. They’re hard work but really great for getting your creativity flowing and building new connections.

Obviously it’s great to have our ideas showcased in magazines and blogs but ultimately the main reason that we as wedding suppliers get involved with styled shoots is to build our portfolios so that they’re full of awesome inspiration that reflects our personal styles in the hope that we get to impress and attract our ideal clients.

Which brings me to the reason I’m blogging today… Although I bloody love them, I’ve decided to cut back a little on styled shoots and only say yes to those that really reflect who and what I’m about. Up until now I’ve been saying yes whenever asked to collaborate on shoots arranged by other suppliers because in all honesty I hate to say no, I think I’ll be missing out on something if I don’t do them. There’s always that niggly “what if this one is epic and you get something huge from it?”…. like a four page feature in a print magazine or a national wedding blogger sharing it far and wide and allllll your ideal clients coming across it and booking you. Yes, I do mock a little but in reality I’ve been doing too much other stuff and not working on my own ideas hardly enough fro ages. I believe that after ten years in the wedding world that I should know by now who and what works better for me. I need to pick more wisely when it comes to all areas of my work life and I need to mix way more (cringe, as I know this means networking) with other creatives regardless of location because there’s a much bigger, colourful, welcoming world outside of Devon.

I obviously can’t show you any images from yesterdays shoot just yet because it’s under wraps until we get somewhere awesome to feature it (that and the fact my iPhone camera is fooked so I can’t even take any photos). I can tell you though that it’ll be worth the wait because the team were all fab…

Big shout out to the wonderfully talented Lynsey from Dandelions & Pearls …. who came up with the concept for the shoot and made all of the dresses.

You really need to check out The Luck 7 Club, this venue literally cater for all sorts!

The Lucky 7 Club
The Lucky 7 Club
The Lucky 7 Club
The Lucky 7 Club

Photographer Ruby Walker was a delight to meet and watch work as were the lads from duodigital.

Make Up Wizz Rose and the ladies from The Pop Up Salon gave the lovely models a 1940’s makeover to swoon over.

Cake Queen Claire’s Sweet Temptations …. provided a wonderful cake to fit the theme and we even got to listen to the beautiful voice of Terrie May during the shoot!

So, on that note I’m signing off for today so that I can go do some research for my next styled shoot, it’s going to be an adventure which will include a trip to one of the most beautiful places (in my opinion) on earth… Scotland, literally the concept for this one has given me all the feels and I can not wait to tell you about it. In the mean time why not remind yourselves of a few styled shoots I’ve taken part in over here or on my Pinterest!

Night night Dx