March 13, 2016

So today was really cool! I had a day at the shop having a little move around (again). I was lucky enough to be joined by the ever so talented Mrs Jutson... which always turns out to be fun! 

Today we decided to make a start on a little project that we've been talking about for the last six months or so, neither of us are very big on getting stuff done very fast! We are however very good at getting shit done once we eventually get started.

So the plan was to put together some flat lay photos for our Insta Awesome workshop, write the course info and get it out there to the world.....we can now tick all three of those things off the list (high five Mrs Jutson, and we didn't even need the two week deadline we set ourselves, we must be getting the hang of this accountability thing).

We'll fill you in with how it went soon! 

Love D x