Ok, I know....I'm totally sucking at this keeping you up to date and informed with what's been happening in the world of The Wedding Hub recently BUT in my defence it's summer season and that means it's juggling time here! 

Well as you will know by now if you follow me over on my social media platforms (if you don't you really should as I'm way more present over there) that back in July we had the extra special wedding of Leanne and Barry who were the winning bidders of our Auction Wedding last year. So as you can imagine that took up a great deal of my time and sanity! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to bombard you with their wedding images just yet because our two awesome photographers (Mrs Jutson Photography and Stuart Brampton Photography) have submitted them to some super special places in the hope that we get to share with he world what an awesome day it was AND what incredible people we have in the Wedding Creatives who all donated their services, products and time to make the day go off with a bang! 

For now though I would love to introduce you to the new Mr & Mrs Wright! 


I would like to say on behalf of my big sister Emma, her two children Emily & Thomas and our family that we will forever be thankful for the love, donations, generosity and kindness you all showed to us in our time of need....you are all truly wonderful!! 

So many more pictures, out pours of love and thanks to come very soon!!