This time last week I was stuck in traffic trying to navigate my way out of London. Believe me when I say it was utter hell! After an hour and a half, driving at 20 miles per hour….the air in the car was pretty blue. Seriously, people drive like bloody loons in that city. 

So, why was I visiting the capital? Well, I was one of the lucky few to have been sent a personal invite to attend a super cool event organised by Pinterest and co-hosted by the lovely bubbly Ellie of The Wedding Enthusiast. 

The Wedding Enthusiast

I was ridiculously excited to receive the email invitation. I returned my RSVP to let them know I was interested and waited patiently to hear back about the cost of a ticket…several hours later I began to wonder if it was a hoax. I couldn’t wait any longer so messaged Ellie to ask for details and the cost to attend. Those of you that frequent wedding events and workshops will know that they usually cost a small fortune, so you can imagine my utter surprise when Ellie informed me that it was a FREE educational event hosted by Pinterest because they like to help small businesses…I literally spat out my drink! A free event, in London, with awesome speakers and a brunch…. bleeding hell you’ve never seen me move so quick. I was straight on the phone to the husband organising childcare and overnight accommodation. 

Pinterest Talk

Lots of you may not know this, but I am ridiculously shy and very awkward. I struggle hugely with anxiety and lack of confidence, so being in a room surrounded by people I don’t know isn’t the easiest of situations for me to cope with. Which is actually at times really annoying, especially when I’m quietly and internally having a “fan girl freak out” moment in the corner of the room because Kat Williams (Rock n’ Roll Bride Magazine Kat) is sitting on the table opposite you chatting away to her friends. Ugh damn you silly anxiety! 

Pinterest Event
Pinterest Timetable

Uncomfortable feelings aside, I’m so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone a little and travelled up to attend the Pinterest Presents Weddings Event. 

The venue was lush. It’s a renovated Art Deco Theatre called EartH, which is currently in the process of applying to become a licensed wedding venue. So, I’d strongly suggest keeping an eye out for the updates on this place as I’m sure that any weddings happening there will be ridiculously cool! 

EartH Venue

We were greeted with a warm welcome and a friendly smile. A little networking over tea and coffee (yup the awkward part when you don’t know who to talk to, or what to say, without sounding like the awkward person that you are). There was a gorgeous brunch selection on offer, which sadly I couldn’t eat any of because I don’t really like to eat in front of people and I’d only had breakfast back at the hotel an hour before which was cold and tasteless. Needless to say I was a little gutted because this brunch looked and smelt yummy! 

Pinterest Breakfast
Pinterest Food

The educational bit, no word of a lie I actually really enjoyed that part too! Bite size, achievable and actionable info is by far the best way to teach me and have it stick in my mind (suddenly taken back to remembering studying for my GSCE’s using BBC Bitesize). Add that to doughnut breaks at half time and you’re definitely onto a winner. Shhh don’t tell but I had two doughnuts (I had a normal one and then just had to try the vegan one because I was curious), they were both bloody lovely! 

Pinterest Doughnut
Pinterest Bags
Pinterest Notes
Pinterest Doughnut

The speakers were all great. Each one giving really useful advice, tips, tried and tested strategies and encouragement. 

I found Rachel’s (Rachel Emma Studios) talk really insightful. Being a fellow stationer and stylist it really gave me hope that I too can grow my business using Pinterest as a tool, if I just learn how to use it properly.

Pinterest Speakers

The overall feel for the day and what the speakers were saying was that Pinterest as a platform genuinely want to help us little businesses. As a company they are transparent, they tell you what they have to offer and they encourage you to really use all of it. There’s someone at the end of an email to answer any questions with an honest response, and you don’t need to throw money at them to make their product work for you. They’ve definitely won me over. Ooh and their goody bag was awesome! 

Pinterest Flowers
Pinterest Florals

I’ve already implemented some of what we were told on to my own Pinterest and have seen my unique monthly viewers go from a teeny tiny 2.6K to 73k in just a week…. I’m a little hooked now and aim to keep growing those viewers!

 Thank you to Pinterest UK and Ellie for a fantastic event, it was well worth the 6 hours each way driving from sleepy old Devon! Lots of Love Dx


With Thanks to the Speakers

Reena Rai | Annabelle from Love My Dress | Elle Linton of Keep it SimpElle and Emily Murray of Pink House

Doughnuts by Vicky’s Donuts

Flowers Designed by Nature

Photographer Clare Lewington



So today was really cool! I had a day at the shop having a little move around (again). I was lucky enough to be joined by the ever so talented Mrs Jutson... which always turns out to be fun! 

Today we decided to make a start on a little project that we've been talking about for the last six months or so, neither of us are very big on getting stuff done very fast! We are however very good at getting shit done once we eventually get started.

So the plan was to put together some flat lay photos for our Insta Awesome workshop, write the course info and get it out there to the world.....we can now tick all three of those things off the list (high five Mrs Jutson, and we didn't even need the two week deadline we set ourselves, we must be getting the hang of this accountability thing).



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