Living in ‘The Ocean City” better known as Plymouth, gives us plenty of opportunities to hang out by the seaside.

So, what better way to spend a cool spring evening than head down to the seafront for some fun near the water?

The lovely bubbly Louise of Mrs Jutson Photography is always up for my little impromptu styled shoots, and thankfully so are some of my friends. I’ve been known to think of a shoot in the morning and be styling it by tea time… this one being a prime example!

Devil’s Point is a well known location and one that I love to visit with my children several times a month, especially when the weather is nice. There’s a small outside pool that fills and empties with the tide, and a cute pebble beach area either side of it. 

We had planned to take a few more images down on the jetty, but we were taken by surprise when the water decided to come in a little to thick and fast… poor Lauren may have got a teeny bit wet! 

Like I said before, this was an off the cuff mini shoot so our team was a small one, literally just the three of us! 

Lauren did her own hair and makeup and for the first part of the shoot wore Aria by Vintage Atelier from our concession of Rock the Frock Bridal wedding dresses, teamed it up with a Leather Jacket and some kick ass boots from Charla Tedrick (which I actually won via an Instagram comp from my lovely pal over at Way out Weddings). The handmade golden Fabric Bouquet was from our very own in house sewing queen Magenta Rose Designs. Cute golden Bird Cage Veil from Crown & Glory.

“Love is like the sea. It's a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it's different with every shore.” - Zora Neale Hurston




Just a stone’s throw away from the water you can find Devil’s Point Park, also know as Western Kings which is an iconic part of Plymouth. For many years families including my own have shed a tear or two as we’ve waved off or cheered home our loved ones on Royal Navy ships leaving or returning to Devonport Dockyard. 


This part of the park has quite an urban feel to it, with a mixture of overgrown foliage and graffiti  wall art which worked well for the second part of our impromptu shoot and outfit change…the 80’s Madonna inspired vibe! Oh how I remember prancing around the living room as a child with wildly untamed crimped hair to “Like a Virgin”… actually I may have also done this as an adult! 

Channelling her inner Cyndi Lauper, Lauren totally rocked the 80’s retro look! 


Wearing “Epic” by Tobi Hannah, also from our Rock the Frock Bridal concession, the funky “Carrie” veil by designer Karen Dornellie,  as before those awesome boots by Charla Tedrick and second Fabric Bouquet from Magenta Rose Designs. Strutting her stuff up and down an uneven ground, battling a little bit of wind and balancing on a wall, all whilst wearing those insane heels… I don’t think we were asking too much in the name of art! 

Ahh I bloody love so much about the 80’s, not that I was old enough to remember too much ( I’d just like to point out that I was only born in ’83 and am a mere 36 years young). 


My head is now spinning with ideas for a much bigger styled shoot! 

Flipping heck, “It's All Coming Back To Me Now”,  to quote the 1989 by Pandora's Box and not the Celine Dion 1996 version!

Come on, who else remembers wasting hours playing video games like Pac Man, falling off of Skateboards, throwing your Rubiks Cube across the room because you could do it, (funny enough I actually have a tattoo of a rubrics cube, fun fact for you right there), speeding around the Roller Disco’s and lets not forget the fashion… good old sweaty Shellsuits and Dynasty style shoulder pads! 

Hmm actually, on second thoughts maybe we’ll just leave it there for now before I get distracted on Pinterest for the rest of the day looking at all things 80’s! 

Until next time…. lots of love Dx