When you have the perfect meeting with the perfect couple something electric happens!

You really do have to appreciate it when life starts to finally sync in to place.

I attended The Hub in London last year ran by the gorgeous Kiki from Chosen Wedding Collective and really took on board what one of the speakers talked about, Cat Hepple was amazing. She spoke about attracting your ideal client, loving what you do and being authentic. Until now I thought I was doing all of that, doing the right things to attract my ideal clients but still not getting anywhere. I realise now that I just wasn't in the right place, my life was complicated and I couldn't completely concentrate on growing my business or attracting the right people which in turn made me even more reluctant to do work or try harder.

Sometimes huge life changes cause a massive shift and make us see things differently, clearer even. From total devastation a new found appreciation for life can arrise. Your direction and purpose can become much more of a focus. Signs become way more evident...

Losing Emma felt like it could have destroyed me, my world became darker, heavier and I felt extreme sadness in a split second. Lost!

It's only been ten weeks today, only ten bloody weeks since she died. I guess if I'm being totally honest we began to grieve months before that as she already started to slowly disappear, the brain cancer did that, it took her away a little each day and us too.

Yes she's gone physically but now there's signs...to me she is so obviously talking to me and I feel like she's helping me when no one else is able. She's leading me by the hand back to work and reminding me of what she knows I love and need.

Yesterday I walked out of my house and like many mornings there was a white feather waiting to greet me.

I took my daughter Faith to her first Ballet lesson and her teacher introduced herself as Emma.

I met with my ideal clients in the evening and they introduced themselves as Emma & Amy. 
Thank you girls for being strong enough to know who you both are, it was so lovely to meet you X

Now I know some people may not share the same beliefs as me, maybe even think I'm a little crazy but for whatever reason those signs are there and following them has already put me in the right places at the right times and exciting things are already beginning to take shape.

I believe that being open to change and allowing yourself and your business to naturally organically evolve is so much better than being scared, staying put and burying your head deep underground hoping for things to get easier. 

I'm a creative.

I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by like minded people who see the world in endless shades of colours, shapes and possibilities. My ideal clients are these type of people. People who embrace being different, individual and love beyond all reason. They've felt loss, heartache and sadness but still utterly believe in love. 

I'm ready now to work, I'm ready to give 100% and I want to create beautiful things for beautiful souls. 

Maybe in losing Emma she is helping me to find myself.....