Who's Emma? 


If you already follow me on social media you'll know that Emma is my big sister.... however if you don't and this is the first time you've come across me and my website you'll be wondering why I mention her a lot!

Well....Emma is my inspiration.

She was the bravest and most courageous person I ever knew and I am so very lucky to be able to say I was graced with her friendship, love and support for 33 years.

Emma died on July 24th 2016 from brain cancer. 

I know that this isn't wedding related but it is part of my life, she is part of who I am and now a huge reason why I continue to do what I do!



So I'm a helper...I enjoy seeing others do well. I like to encourage people, especially those that don't realise just how amazing they are or how much potential they have.

I felt for a long time that there was a real need for a support network for creative individuals, a community where we could virtually or physically get together.  A safe space to help each other, offer friendships, advice and collaborations. I decided to stop wishing that someone else would do it, I took the bull my the horns and started The Wedding Creatives. I can happily say that I'm so glad that I did, we're not the biggest bunch but we are growing. At our first meet up there were more than thirty who attended and now theres over eighty in the Facebook group. I thoroughly enjoy watching friendships begin, seeing everyone offer genuine help and advice freely to each other and its so exciting to see fantastic collaborations already coming from the group. 

As I said before, I'm a helper which I have found makes it extremely difficult for me to ask for help...but something's happened that has made me realise and accept that I can not do everything alone and that it really is ok for me to say "I need your help".




When you have the perfect meeting with the perfect couple something electric happens!

You really do have to appreciate it when life starts to finally sync in to place.




Today I find myself crying lots, actually I cry lots most days....sometimes it's the first thing I do when I wake up, or I wake up because I am crying!


I've taken so long to write this blog post and even managed to delete it accidentally at one point just as I was about to press publish!!