As lots of you will have hopefully already seen from me plastering it all over my social media we are launching a magazine this year!

It's something I've been toying with for some time, one of those things on my ever growing "To Do" list. Thankfully the girls I choose to spend a lot of my time with have also been thinking the same thing....Great minds and all that!

Rather than just continue to moan about how practically all the glossy magazines that fill the supermarket shelves are all the same, filled with adverts and non inspiring articles we chose to create something different, something new!

Why is it different you ask...

Hmmm...well, because we are! As creatives we crave inspiration, visual loveliness, we need interaction, information and passion. All of which our wonderful friends in the wedding creatives have in bucket loads! 

Our magazine isn't just going to be pages and pages of adverts (obviously there'll be a few), it's not going to be showcasing only the big companies who can afford to take out a full page spread in every wedding magazine going...nope, none of that!

What we aim to do is give you REAL... 

Real insight into the small businesses you buy from, who they are and why they do what they do.

Real weddings with real advice, do's and don'ts from experts and couples.

Real emotion...that's something we're super good at because we give our all. To us, your wedding is important and we value that greatly!

It's going to be authentic, look different and feel different.

Why? Because aren't we all different, don't we all have individual needs and desires? 

We want our magazine to encourage both our couples and our suppliers to be themselves. We want to help bring you both together so that you can create the wedding YOU really dream of, not everyone else. It doesn't matter if your ideas are off the wall bat shit crazy or breathtakingly classically simple you will find the perfect team amongst  the pages of our magazine because those that we will promote and showcase are versatile, creative and passionate, but above all they really do care! 

Over the coming months I'll be sharing a few sneaky blog posts about what you can expect to see, so keep an eye out! 

Much love

Danielle, Hannah & Louise xxx